Saturday, 31 August 2019

Disputing the Anti-Immigration Meme

I’ve seen many idiots recently, family included, sharing or citing memes about how illegal immigrants receive £30,000 a year, and even a free house or car, when they come to the UK, and they seem convinced this is the root of their problems.

If this applies to you, let me help you out here: If an illegal immigrant comes to the UK and tries to apply for benefits, housing, or even attempts to receive NHS treatment, they will be deported. (The clue’s in the word ‘illegal’).

Illegals actually work when they come here, often in awful conditions for below minimum wage. You may not like the fact they are here, but there’s no sensible way you can say their presence impacts you, unless it was your lifelong dream to pick fruit.

Legal immigrants are not allowed to claim benefits either. My wife is an immigrant. Her Visa clearly states no recourse to public funds. Not only do legal immigrants work, they are significant contributors to the economy, and our services, such as the NHS, could not function without them.

Asylum seekers are not allowed to work until their application is processed. They are given £3,000 a year to live off, even if they are a couple (this would work out at £30 a week per person.) Only about 6% of immigrants claim asylum and if their application is rejected, they are deported.

If you have a problem with the UK accepting legitimate refugees, I don’t know what to say to you, other than stop reading The Sun, The Daily Mail, etc., and stop filling your head with hatred. The real cause of your problems is politicians and the rich people who own them. It is they who led us into war and created refugees in the first place. And it is they who led us into recession and imposed austerity upon us.

People all over the world are being shit on by the elite and if you stop scapegoating for a second, you’ll realise you have far more in common with immigrants than with your leaders.

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