Anonymous Releases Evidence Alleging Trump Paedophilia

After three years of silence, the hacking group Anonymous have re-emerged, making a string of astonishing claims which include suggesting the US President has paid off  children who made serious sexual assault and rape allegations against him. In other words, accusing Trump of being a paedophile.
A total of 21 victims have been named for crimes which allegedly took place between 1980 and 2013. Some of the alleged victims were as young as ten years old and include males and females.
In addition to publishing these allegations, Anonymous have Tweeted Russia has evidence of child trafficking and rape against Trump and that he had Jeffrey Epstein murdered to cover this up.
They have also taken down the Minneapolis Police Department's website, hacked Chicago police radios, vowed to "expose Ferguson Police Department", and amusingly played the song "Fuck the Police" on a radio station.
The evidence they have published so far, which includes affidavits and lawsuits, looks credible and if true, could well bring down the President.
Of course it's impossible to say how much of this is true, but we do know if anyone has the skills to obtain such information, it's Anonymous. And let's not forget, Trump has spoken of walking into beauty pageant dressing rooms, joked of dating his own daughter, and boasted of committing sexual assault against women.
Many other famous figures are implicated in addition to Trump and Epstein and the volume of evidence released so far is almost overwhelming. If you want to see what Anonymous has to say and decide for yourself, visit their Twitter feed here:

2020 really is turning into one crazy Hollywood movie and I don't think anyone has a clue how this one is going to end.

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  1. Considering that the world's politicians are controlled via sexual blackmail, and that the blackmail material is only released if you go against the world power structure, isn't it then logical to conclude that if this is being released, Trump has turned against the dark side?

  2. Not necessarily as this seems it is being released through a hack...

  3. i think its very possible trump has some history with this, i just don't understand why Anonymous would withhold this info until now

  4. a couple of weeks ago, there was a hacker who said he had information on Trump and if he didn't pay he would release the information. I wonder if this is that person?


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