Thursday, 28 May 2020

Dominic Cummings is too Rich and Important to Face Prosecution

Durham Police have confirmed Dominic Cummings did break lockdown rules, but he won't face criminal action. How can this be justified?

Cummings made the trip to his parents' farm in County Durham and then to Barnard Castle during Easter with his wife and child while infected with Covid-19 when he should have been self-isolating for 14 days. He was defended by the Prime Minister and senior members of the cabinet, the judgement of who must now be called into question. Not only should Cummings go, but surely those who've taken his side must consider their own positions, including the Prime Minister himself. This was a judgement call Johnson got horrendously wrong which will jeopardise public safety.

Police across the UK have been patrolling beauty spots to issue fines and waiting outside supermarkets to check shopping bags, but the government's chief adviser, the man responsible for writing the lockdown rules, for preventing  people being with sick children or attending funerals, can break lockdown without consequence?

I am struggling to think of a more serious breach a person could commit than travelling across the country while sick and with possibly impaired vision, visiting beauty spots and jeopardising your own parents and niece. Would a regular person be let off without facing criminal action? I highly doubt it, so why should a man who has a public duty to lead by example, a man whose reckless behaviour has undermined his own guidelines and triggered droves of people to flock to parks and beaches, how can he possibly not be fined? How can his behaviour have been any more damaging? 

I struggle to see how, but then again Cummings advises a government who let Athletico Madrid fans flock to Anfield while their own city was under lockdown, a government who are itching to reopen schools and force everyone back to work before they have track and trace in place and while the infection rate is still dangerously high. 

The actions of Cummings and the Tory Party have so far led to 60,000 excess deaths during the pandemic, no doubt with many more to come. The breaches of lockdown which are arising as a direct response of the Prime Minister's Chief Adviser's behaviour will surely lead to avoidable deaths, and yet we are told no criminal action will be taken. We are told the Tories are above their own laws and we are encouraged to break those laws ourselves, even though we would be fined for doing so.

Can there be any doubt that herd immunity was the plan all along?

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