Thursday, 28 May 2020

Emily Maitlis removed from Newsnight

Emily Maitlis delivered a blistering monologue just a couple of nights ago, dropping devastating truth bombs about the Dominic Cummings scandal and tearing his defence to shreds. This was particularly surprising to see, not just because it was on the super Tory BBC, but because it was coming from Emily Maitlis, someone who so clearly struggles to hide her pro-government bias and openly balked at the idea of making Jeremy Corbyn Prime Minister last year.

Now even the right wing are getting pissed off at Boris Johnson's utter shitshower of a government because they are not just embarrassing themselves and the country, they are costing lives. Tens of thousands of lives. It's times like these when good people must put political leanings to one side and make a a stand.

Yet Maitlis' monologue came not long after BBC's Political Editor Laura Kuenssberg reported a ridiculous rebuttal on behalf of Dominic Cummings and the Tory Party without any journalistic scrutiny - a move you would expect from a PR person, not a journalist. That kind of bias from the BBC is totally fine of course, just like it was fine to mock Corbyn up against a red Kremlin background, just like it's fine for the BBC to completely misrepresent the left and continuously and unquestioningly tow the government line. 

But one time, just one time, a BBC presenter who is certainly right-leaning in her views, finds her spine, uses her moral compass and reflects the current public mood with facts, yes facts, and what happens? The BBC take Emily Maitliss off the air for bias. Here is the BBC's statement:

But of course the truth always has a left wing bias. We knew that. Cue a very predictable social media response. As Bonnie Greer pointed out:

Rachael Swindon posted her views on the absurd situation:

And Wolfie asked a question which many were also asking:

Last night, you would've been had pressed to finding a single person defending the BBC on this. The public mood is changing and those who've spent so long defending the indefensible actions of the Tory government are finding this increasingly difficult. The BBC however will continue defending the Tories, even if it means this wretched government takes them down with it. They are state propagandists who will fight to the death for their cause and perversely do so under the guise of "impartiality". They are utterly complicit in the absolute catastrophe this government's incompetence has created.

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