Sunday, 31 May 2020

Trump Threatens Protesters with "Vicious Dogs" and "Ominous Weapons"

The President of the United States has threatened to unleash "vicious dogs" and "ominous weapons" on his own people, confirming what many knew from the start - Trump is a bonafide fascist. He added "That's when people would have been really badly hurt. The secret service are just waiting for action. We put the young ones on the front line, they love it." The President had previously warned "when the looting starts the shooting starts", only to be censored by social media giant Twitter for glorifying violence.

The police have maced, shot and struck protesters with vehicles on camera. They have fired paint canisters at people standing on their own porches. A woman was kicked by a cop while she was kneeling. There are frequent reports of paid instigators starting trouble at peaceful events. The President's own words suggest a clear desire for the state to fight the protesters as ruthlessly as possible. That's their own people who they are sworn to protect. Their own people who are daring to speak out against state violence who are themselves being threatened with state violence. This is fascism  in action, folks.

We are not seeing the President condemn police brutality, promise change or seek reconcilation over very legitimate concerns. He saw the fire burning and decided to bring in truckloads of gasoline.
Remember, when right wing conservative protesters storm federal buildings with guns, the President says nice things about them and the police act as gently as possible. But if you dare defend the oppressed group, death may come your way.
Someone recently tried to tell me Trump is not a fascist, using the absurd argument Hitler was worse so let me break this down:
Leaving aside this is a very low bar to set, Hitler was not building death camps overnight. The process of fascism takes time and depends to a large extent on how successfully antifascist forces push back. You will often hear Trump condemn antifascism, but strangely never fascism. Let's not forget it was Antifa that ultimately won World War 2.
Trump and his regime proudly boast of being nationalists. As well as threatening their own people with acy of his election victory has been called into question.
violence, they imprison refugees without allowing them the right to claim asylum under US and international law. They put children in detention camps where they are raped and abused. They steal and forcibly adopt babies and even lose track of those babies. They boast of their desire to steal the resources of other countries, openly stating Venezuelan oil would be good for the US economy. They unify their supporters behind sets of enemies such as Mexicans, Muslims, and indeed Antifa. They gleefully boast of their military supremacy and threaten to carpet bomb foreign lands. They are itching to start a war with Iran. National security is their pretext for every domestic human rights abuse. They pose absurdly as pious Christians as they ignore every part of Jesus' message. Trump is the ultimate corporatist, the conman businessman who actively and illegally monetises his Presidency, even selling Presidential merchandise. His government attack labour rights at every opportunity. We all know the legitim
On every level Trump and his mob are displaying the hallmarks of fascism and they are in charge of the most powerful nation on Earth. You better pray the protesters win this battle, or what comes next will get very scary indeed.

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