Saturday, 30 May 2020

George Floyd Uprising - The Establishment had it Coming

The uprising in the US sparked by the grotesque murder of George Floyd by very typical American cops has been raging for four days. Inevitably much of the mainstream media is directing its outrage at the protesters, rather than the murderers, portraying the situation as violent thugs wanting an excuse to loot, rather than frightened, enraged and disenfranchised civilians finally reaching breaking point and demanding meaningful change.

Fair and equal countries do not experience uprisings.

What we are seeing now is the disease of capitalism, which has been showing its symptoms for so long, finally going all out against its host and potentially killing it from within. The entire US establishment is under threat - and they know it.

This is why we are seeing black reporters arrested for covering the protests before we are seeing white cops arrested for murder. It is why we are seeing paid instigators throwing rocks and sparking violence at peaceful protests. The police force needs an excuse to implement martial law. It needs an excuse to open fire on protesters and we are now hearing reports even of journalists being shot.

When the people raise their voice, the fascist state shows its true self, and this is what we are now seeing - fascism in action. The corporate oligarchy, which decided the black community were surplus to the requirements of their economic model, which vilified their fellow human beings and created and maintained a mostly black underclass to keep the white working class afraid and punching down is now fearful its oppressive social order is coming to an end.

As many well know, there are two Americas - and the cosy white suburban America is so detached from the neoliberal inner-city hellhole so many are trapped in, that it has been more comforting for Karens and Bobs to deny the problem in one breath and say the victims have it coming in the next, rather than face the reality their comfort is built on someone else's oppression.

It's the very existence of middle America that necessitates the tyranny experienced by black communities. The unthinkable alternative is a society where the comfortable contribute a little more to end the poverty of the third world country which exists within the richest nation on Earth.

But now there seems to be a change in the air, as though the tide is turning, as though more of the white working class are realising the black working class are natural allies, as though more of the middle class are seeing the outrage of their privilege being built upon the suffering of a mostly black underclass.

Even social media giant Twitter is making a stand, censoring the US President for his outrageous glorification of violence:

The protests we are seeing are pricking the conscience of the better half of America. Will it be enough to produce meaningful change? Will we see concessions from the current administration? Or will we see the alternative? Because the alternative would be a collapse into full-on neo-fascism with all the potential horrors that go with it.

It sounds terrifying, and it is, yet many I've spoken to across the Atlantic are feeling hopeful that meaningful change is in the air. It's just a shame that potential change, as always, must be born from violence and instability.

Only one thing is certain - the status quo is unsustainable.

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