Wednesday, 1 July 2020

Forward Momentum Candidates Clean Up at Internal Elections

After a 6 week long voting process, Forward Momentum candidates have won all 20 seats in the members' section of their internal elections, defeating Momentum Renewal rivals backed by Jon Lansman who has stepped down as leader. This means Forward Momentum now has a majority on the National Coordinating Group.

Renewal candidates won four public office holder seats chosen by MPs and councillors, showing a distinct divide between politicians and grassroots. The NCG will soon decide who replaces Lansman as leader.

There is now excitement among activists that Momentum can return to the energetic, grassroots driven force for change it once was and cast off the toxic authoritarian image it has accrued in recent years.

It's important to remember just how effective Momentum was in getting the message out in the build-up to the 2017 general election. Their outstanding social media work was a key reason for Labour's unexpectedly high performance, but by 2019, Momentum had clearly lost its edge and was turning so many off. Forward Momentum may well offer a new direction for the organisation, but it will do so by staying true to its original vision.

When Jeremy Corbyn stepped down as Labour leader, he asked party members to join Momentum to ensure the left still had a powerful voice within the party. Today's news may well prompt many to do just that.

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