Let's make Jeremy Corbyn MP of the Year!

No MP in living memory has done more to fight for the most vulnerable in society and no man has been more vilified as a result. From the anti-Corbyn TV programmes to the newspaper smears to the Labour party "infighting", it's clear the establishment closed ranks to stop Jeremy Corbyn. To stop the transformative Labour manifesto. To stop us from having a kinder and more caring society. But what really galls the establishment is how they failed to defeat both the man and the movement. 

They failed to understand this was always about so much more than one man. It was about fixing a broken society which left people behind and is leading to climate catastrophe. Proof of Corbyn's overwhelming support comes from the recent GoFundMe to help him defend possible legal action. The fundraiser reached £300,000 in just a couple of days. 

The desperate right wing are so afraid of justice, they are trying to get the fundraiser stopped as reported by Skwawkbox. These people need to understand this movement is not going anywhere. Jeremy Corbyn might not be the establishment's Prime Minister, but he is certainly our Prime Minister, so let's make the loudest possible statement by voting for him to become the Patchwork Foundation's MP of the Year.

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  1. Why won't it let me put my choice of MP in when his name is on the list

    1. Enter the first letter of the persons name, which will take you down to that alphabetical point in the listing. Then scroll down the list until you find the person that you want to vote for. Click on the persons name and away you go.


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