Thursday, 23 July 2020

The Jeremy Corbyn Fundraiser has Reached an Incredible £116,000!

Amid suggestions Panorama presenter John Ware is planning to sue former Labour leader Jeremy Cobyn, a fundraiser has been set up to cover Corbyn's legal costs. 

The GoFundMe page was set up by a member of the public called Carole Morgan and had initially sparked speculation on social media it could have been fraudulent. However, it appears those concerns were ill-founded and the GoFundMe page is being handed over to Jeremy Corbyn's team, as confirmed by the Islington North Labour Party Twitter account. I must therefore say, well done, Carole!

Donations have so far been flying in and the fundraiser is nearing £120,000, showing what an incredible amount of support Jeremy Corbyn still has! You can expect that figure to go much higher. Court cases can prove incredibly costly with legal fees alone amounting to hundreds of thousands of pounds so I have no doubt Jeremy will be thrilled by the support. If they thought they could destroy the man, it appears they were sorely mistaken...

You can donate here: GoFundMe

The legal dispute centres around Jeremy Corbyn's claim that the Labour Party made a political, rather than a legal decision, by agreeing to compensate the antisemitism whistle blowers who appeared on the Panorama programme. Corbyn and others insist Labour's formal legal advice suggested they had a strong case and would likely have won in court. Concern has therefore been raised about why Labour members' fees were used to make such huge payouts and whether this amounts to a misuse of funds. Many Labour members are keen for the matter tested in court so we can finally discover the truth.

For those who have not yet read it, here is Corbyn's official  statement:

"Labour Party members have a right to accountability and transparency of decisions taken in their name, and an effective commitment from the party to combat antisemitism and racism in all their forms.
"The Party’s decision to apologise today and make substantial payments to former staff who sued the party in relation to last year’s Panorama programme is a political decision, not a legal one.
"Our legal advice was that the party had a strong defence, and the evidence in the leaked Labour report that is now the subject of an NEC inquiry led by Martin Forde QC strengthened concerns about the role played by some of those who took part in the programme. 
"The decision to settle these claims in this way is disappointing, and risks giving credibility to misleading and inaccurate allegations about action taken to tackle antisemitism in the Labour Party in recent years.
"To give our members the answers and justice they deserve, the inquiry led by Martin Forde must now fully address the evidence the internal report uncovered of racism, sexism, factionalism and obstruction of Labour’s 2017 General Election campaign."

Donations are hugely appreciated. 
Thank you for your support.