Saturday, 25 July 2020

Why are Centrists so Obsessed with Jeremy Corbyn?

Jeremy Corbyn received over 4 years of sustained political attacks from the media and centrists within his own party during his time as Labour leader. While political attacks are to be expected for a leader of a major political party to some extent, it would be disingenuous to pretend this didn't reach new heights under Corbyn. 

The man was a victim of McCarthyism and his supporters understood perfectly why - Corbyn posed a threat to the establishment. He planned to permanently change Britain's power structures, democratise workplaces and the media, ensure public services were run for the people rather than profit, create a society which prioritises human needs, and take every possible measure to fight the climate crisis. 

All of these things made Corbyn public enemy number one. Being the good guy made Corbyn public enemy number one. However, when centrists sabotaged the 2019 general election and Corbyn stood down, we honestly thought they'd leave this quiet and decent 71 year old man alone. How wrong we were. Just read this Tweet from Liam Young:

Since Sir Keir Starmer took over as Labour leader, Corbyn still gets blamed for every negative associated with the Labour Party and needlessly doorstepped by the media. Whenever something bad happens, they always go to Corbyn for answers, rather than Starmer whose job it actually is to provide such answers! It would seem the media recognise, perhaps rightly, that Corbyn is still the leader of the British left.

The new Labour leader promised to unite the party, but has instead spent his time cosying up to the right wing, marginalising the left, and among other insults, accepting liability in a court case which lawyers suggested Labour could win. Starmer in effect let Corbyn take the blame, rather than defend his record in court, and he paid 6-figure sums which came from membership fees. No wonder Labour members are furious

Yesterday we saw grime star Wiley, who was awarded an MBE by the Tory government, go on a sickening antisemitic rant on Twitter which was roundly condemned by the left. However, this did not stop the inevitable centrist narrative that Corbyn was to blame for Wiley's comments and that he somehow enabled the rise of Wiley! This is interesting considering Wiley's first hit was in 2002, a full 13 years before Corbyn became Labour leader. 

Jeremy Corbyn is responsible for things that happened before his leadership now, just like he was responsible for all those antisemitism complaints that dated back to Ed Miliband's time as leader. I swear his detractors would connect Corbyn to the holocaust if they could. And here's the thing, constantly pinning every act of British antisemitism on a man who has repeatedly condemned antisemitism is itself a form of antisemitism. But these people don't care about that. 

They know they could not politely disagree with Corbyn's policies because they know those policies centre around the common good and provide solutions to problems they cannot solve. They can't have a policy debate with Corbyn so they resort to smears.

Let's not forget, when they began their smear campaign, it was never about defeating Corbyn himself, but rather silencing the left, so they attacked our figurehead, the man who was unifying an often fragmented left wing, in the expectation we would fall silent. They did not realise we cannot and will not fall silent, because this was always about so much more than one man. It was about falling living standards, a broken economy that marginalises so many, and an impending climate catastrophe. These people are so accustomed to their life of privilege that any call for a fairer society, or even to save our grandchildren, is seen as a monstrous attack on their sense of entitlement. Wanting better makes you the bad guy. And it made Corbyn - who called for a kinder and gentler society - a monster. 

The problem has become so extreme that when the Russia Report exposed the Tory Party's close ties with Russian oligarchs and the large donations they receive, the media doorstepped Jeremy Corbyn! They accused him of cosying up to Russia for exposing that Tories had been negotiating the sale of the NHS to Donald Trump in a post-Brexit trade deal. Lisa Nandy was quick to point out Sir Keir Starmer would have done no such thing. 
How can anyone conclude anything other than Corbyn is on our side and these people are not? People who are happy to see our NHS sold off, for God's sake?
It's laughable that every time we say something nice about the thoroughly decent Jeremy Corbyn, centrists jump on us and say "Corbyn lost, get over it!" And usually they accuse us of being "Obsessed" and most tellingly, tell us to "Grow up!" This is the condescending approach to politics that centrists think will work. You are the child in the room, and they, who spent four years enabling the Tories, are the grownups. What they really are, are a bunch of self-superior tossers completely out of touch with ordinary people and lacking any principles or ideology of their own. 

Amusingly, if you try to pin a centrist down on their principles, they will pretend to share left wing views while sneering at the left. The cognitive dissonance on display is quite spectacular. These are people who are terrified of saying who they really are, but will call you childish for demanding meaningful action on issues they pretend to care about. It's enough to make your head explode if you think about it long enough.

Centrists obsess with Jeremy Corbyn because whenever he speaks, he holds up a mirror and exposes who they really are. And they do not like who they see. When they smear Corbyn, they simply describe the ugliness they see in themselves and when they blame every bad thing on Corbyn, they simply show contempt for the truth. They vilify one of the very best among us.

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