Sunday, 26 July 2020

Why is Tony Blair's Opinion even Remotely Relevant?

Nowadays, the media wheel out Tony Blair out whenever they want a "statesman" to bash Jeremy Corbyn or praise Sir Keir Starmer or demand a People's Vote. It's as though Blair's job is now to steer Labour in the direction chosen by those out-of-touch tossers in the Westminster bubble, and it doesn't matter if his proclamations of Starmer's "electability" are at odds with opinion polls, the media hang on every word of the man they once despised. However, I'm afraid the friendly salesman act no longer works on the public who see the blood of the middle-east oozing from Blair's every pore.

The media love to scream about centrist electability as though Britain never had a socialist government, as though our proudest institutions like the NHS, the welfare state and council housing did not arise from socialism.
Today marks the 75th anniversary of Clement Attlee's election victory. If only Labour's finest prime minister was revered by the media, rather than its worst prime minister.
Let's not forget that after taking Labour to a landslide victory in 1997, Blair haemorrhaged seats at the next two elections, losing four million voters in the process. Thanks to Blair, support was dwindling in Labour heartlands and was all but dead in Scotland. 

When Tony Blair tells you of the "disaster" of Jeremy Corbyn, he strangely fails to mention how Corbyn took more votes in England than Blair did in any of his three election victories. Indeed, if Blair had not handed Scotland to the SNP, Jeremy Corbyn would probably be Prime Minister now. And let's not even mention the PV policy which Blair and Starmer insisted would save Labour but only only did further damage in heartlands. It seems laughable that Blair now talks as though he knows what Labour supporters want. 

In 2017, Jeremy Corbyn so nearly undid the damage caused by Blair, Brown and Miliband who destroyed trust with Labour's core voters, and the only reason Corbyn did not fully succeed is because the Blarites ensured he didn't. They sabotaged their own party's election chances.
Let's be absolutely clear, the key reason Labour has struggled over the last 10 years is the legacy of Tony Blair.
First and foremost, Blair led us into not one, but two wars which were described as "illegal" by former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan. We were lied to about Afghanistan being responsible for 9/11 when it was actually Blair's mates in Saudi Arabia, and we were lied to about Saddam Hussein having WMDs that could reach Britain in 45 minutes. Consent from the British public was obtained through deception and one million innocent people lost their lives as a result. I have family in the military. My cousin saw his mates blown up before his eyes when he was just eighteen years old and he has Tony Blair to thank for that tragedy.

Somewhat ironically, when Blair was not looking for excuses to overthrow despots in the middle-east, he was cosying up to them. Not only was he close to the monstrous Saudi Royals but called the likes of Hosni Mubarak and even Colonel Gaddafi personal friends. Even worse, his best mates were genocidal neocon idiot George Bush Jr and media mogul Rupert Murdoch - Blair is Godfather to one of Rupert Murdoch's kids. Also, I hear he was named in Jeffrey Epstein's little black book which is worrying to say the least.

Margaret Thatcher said Blair's New Labour was her "proudest achievement" and David Cameron famously described himself as the "Heir to Blair". It's fair to say Blair is revered in Tory circles far more so than Labour circles, and it's no wonder, given the rate at which he was selling of our most prized national assets. 

Blair introduced PFI contracts into the NHS, despite Blairites previously condemning the idea when John Major was Prime Minister and calling it a "back door to privatisation." Plus, he received help from David Cameron when he wanted to marketise our education system with Blair's Academy schools programme, knowing he couldn't get the votes from his own party. This moved paved the way for free schools.

Older generations wonder why millennials so vehemently oppose the idea of neoliberalism, but our adult lives so far have seen illegal wars, the introduction of tuition fees, a broken housing market, international recession, falling living standards, zero hours contracts, rip-off privatised services, Covid-19 mishandling to protect the market, and coming soon to an apocalyptic wasteland near you, the climate crisis. 

The path embarked upon by Thatcher and Blair imposed poverty on our generation and stole our future, so it's no wonder many of us became socialists. Gallingly, many of the generation who climbed the ladder of free higher education and bought up all the housing stock when it was actually affordable, call us "entitled" and "ungrateful".

While Blair was restructuring Britain, he was also bolstering his neoliberal fifth column, parachuting centrist MPs into safe Labour seats without the consent of CLPs - a legacy Labour is stuck with to this day and which made Jeremy Corbyn's job as leader almost impossible. 

While Corbyn had the overwhelming consent of the membership and stood on a manifesto of the membership's choosing, Blair's fifth column saw it as their job to destroy the man and undermine that manifesto at every opportunity. They showed the same contempt for the outcome of the leadership election as they showed for the EU referendum.

Blair's supporters claim Labour could not possibly have won without his leadership, completely overlooking how Black Wednesday devastated the Tories and how John Smith looked absolutely set to become Prime Minister. Labour did not suddenly become electable the moment Blair decided to turn Labour into the Tory B team. Poling showed it was already electable and Blair arrived at just the right moment to save poor old billionaires like Murdoch from the tyranny of socialism.

Blair and his mob love to pretend his illegal wars made Britain safer, even though the terrorist threat significantly increased in the aftermath and the middle-east now faces turmoil. They love to pretend privatisation was somehow more affordable, more economically viable, yet after the quick buck of the initial sale, the tax payer was left paying enormous subsidies and customers were left paying rip off prices for essential services. We are now hit twice, but it's nice for the shareholders I suppose.

Blairites love to tell you they played absolutely no role in the economic crash of 2008 and that no one could have possibly predicted such an event. No one apart from every socialist who screamed we were building an economy on the fresh air of the economic sector. Neoliberal economic dogma throughout the developed world was deregulate, deregulate, deregulate, the market knows best - only this was complete bollocks. Neoliberals simply gave free rein to crooks and when the inevitable happened, they refused to accept responsibility for their carelessness.

That's the thing about the free market which its proponents don't want you to know, it's about a refusal to take responsibility for your country's destiny. When things are going well, you get to play the hero and when things inevitably go wrong from your lack of action, it's because events were completely out of your control. Kind of ironic this ideology comes from people who love to lecture the poor on personal responsibility.

Labour is meant to be a socialist party. It was founded by Keir Hardie in 1900 to reclaim the means of production for the workforce. You are not supposed to join the Labour Party unless you accept its founding ideals. Instead, Blair pretended to be a socialist for a while, even praising Karl Marx in his younger days, and when he became leader, he rewrote Clause IV so those founding ideals were no longer relevant. He stole the Labour Party from socialists and replaced the Liberal Democrats as the Tory B team, showing nothing but contempt for the people he was supposed to represent. On top of that, the man really should be on trial in the Hague so I personally won't be listening to a word he says, unless he is standing in the dock.

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