Monday, 3 August 2020

Liam Fox was the Numpty Hacked by Russia

It has been alleged Russia hacked former trade secretary Liam Fox in order to release US/UK trade documents which showed the Tory government were prepared to lower food standards and raise drug prices. 

The prevailing media narrative is that by raising concerns over these documents, the former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is somehow a Russian stooge. Indeed, Lisa Nandy was keen to point out the new leadership would've done no such thing. Yet those documents are genuine and prove the Tories were lying to the British public and acting against our interests. The Tories were negotiating things no reasonable person would approve of, but the so-called opposition would not have discussed the matter. Just whose side are Labour on here? And who are the real bad guys in this equation?

The US and UK often share intelligence with the world that shows other nations in a bad light. When they do so, they insist they are acting in the interests of those countries, and their people have a right to know what their governments are up to. 

Does this principle not work the other way? Do the British people not have a right to know their chicken is going to be washed in chlorine? Or drug prices are going to be increased dramatically? Do we not have a right to know our government is acting without our consent and lying to us? Because I don't remember any of this on the side of the Brexit bus.
Britain and America have no qualms about interfering in other countries, but get mad when Russia does it to them? The fact remains, if the Tory government were being honest, there would be nothing to reveal.
People are saying Russia tried to influence the outcome of the 2019 general election, but if they really were influencing voters, they were doing so by revealing the truth. Hardly a great scandal, is it? Normally when the truth is revealed to the public, it's called journalism, not espionage. Not that I want Russia to have access to our secrets, of course, I just don't want to be lied to by my government.

My question is, why on Earth were Liam Fox's emails so vulnerable to hacking in the first place? It's rather worrying that our government keeps confidential data in such an insecure manner. 

While the data revealed was in the public interest, who knows what else Russia was able to obtain? We hear repeatedly that Labour would be a threat to national security, but the shambolic Tory Party can't even keep its secrets safe. Does this not make the Tories a threat to national security?

"The government has very robust systems in place to protect the IT systems of officials and staff," a spokesperson said, rather laughably.

Let's not forget that on top of this leak, there is also the concern about the Tory Party being cosy with Russian oligarchs and taking huge donations from them. It would appear Russian influence in our democracy goes further than hacked emails and it's a bit rich of the government to point the finger at Jeremy Corbyn whose only crime was to discuss their wrongdoing.

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