Saturday, 1 August 2020

What if Prince Andrew is Guilty?

Prince Andrew has been named in US court documents which allege an underage girl was forced to have sex with him. Let's rephrase that: which allege Andrew raped an underage girl.

This is a man we call Prince. A man who lives in extraordinary luxury in palaces owned by the tax payer. A man who no sensible person expects will be extradited to stand trial in America. And yet if he was an ordinary person, he would already be gone and facing the possibility of years behind bars.

Contrast this with the horrific treatment of Julian Assange who is currently imprisoned in the UK and facing the threat of extradition to the US for the crime of journalism. Julian Assange exposed human rights abuses by the state, and now his human rights are being abused as punishment, while a prince stands above the law.

Why are we accepting this? And why are we still calling Andrew, Prince? Indeed, why are we bestowing such outdated titles upon anyone? Britain is a country that gave a knighthood to paedophile rapist Jimmy Saville and calls someone "Prince" who might also be a paedophile rapist. Horrifying.

Now I don't know if Andrew is guilty, of course. I can't know. But here's what I do know:

Andrew was photographed at the door of a mansion belonging to Jeffrey Epstein - the paedophile sex trafficker who either committed suicide in a cell or was "suicided" by the authorities or was broken out and flown to a tropical island to live out his days. Let's be honest, none of us have a clue what really happened to Epstein, but we do know he was (is?) one of the very worst people on this Earth. And Prince Andrew called him friend for years.

Epstein's little black book contains an alarming list of celebrities and politicians, many of who he was known to associate with. It really does appear Epstein was inviting rich and powerful people to his mansion to have sex parties with underage girls who were groomed by his ex-girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell - another of Andrew's friends. 

At least one of Epstein's victims has officially named Andrew as a rapist and her claim should be taken very seriously indeed. The woman alleges she was raped by Andrew in an island orgy, in Maxwell's London flat and in New York between 1999 and 2002 and was kept as Jeffrey Epstein's slave from 15 years old.

Documents also allege Prince Andrew attempted to lobby the US on behalf of Epstein to secure a favourable plea arrangement. In other words, Andrew allegedly tried to get a paedophile sex trafficker off lightly. These documents were released after a judge refused Maxwell's request to keep them secret.

If we do not extradite Andrew to the US, which we won't, then even if Andrew is innocent, we are still saying it's fine for a prince to commit acts of paedophilia. This is because Andrew does not have to pretend to be answerable to the courts, even in the most serious of circumstances. A prince is above the law and if he wants to target your daughter or any other innocent child, he is allowed to. And that is utterly chilling.

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