Monday, 3 August 2020

Tories Refuse to Suspend Rape Suspect

I've lost count of the number of times a Tory MP or councillor has been guilty of sexual misconduct, had a sleazy affair, snorted cocaine with a prostitute, got gropey with a secretary, or worse. For some reason, grotesque sexual behaviour is a regular occurrence, almost like the Tory Party is a magnetic for sleaze. Just this week, we've seen a Tory councillor found with child porn images, a Tory donor charged with sexual assault, an ex-Tory MP convicted of sexual assault, and now a Tory MP charged with rape after a 4 month investigation.
It would appear this lot don't know how to keep it in their pants.
Now it's important not to speculate on who the rape suspect might be. It would not be right to name the wrong person, but one might reasonably ask the question: Why has this person not officially been named?

I fully understand and respect the principle of innocent until proven guilty, but surely we have a right to know when our elected representatives are suspected of serious crimes. Indeed, when a politician commits a less serious act, say one which results in suspension, the public are immediately told, yet in this case we are not told. Even worse, I understand the suspect has not been suspended from the Tory Party. How is this right?
The Tories expelled Winston Churchill's grandson for opposing hard Brexit, but they can't suspend a rape suspect?
Social media speculation is rife about who the suspect might be so I must emphasise once again, that the speculation could be entirely wrong and the actual suspect could be innocent. However, the best way to end the speculation is to name the suspect officially and suspend them until the matter is resolved in court. What if this MP is found guilty and yet carried on serving in the Tory Party for months while the court case was ongoing? What if the public are currently being represented by someone who is a rapist?

It is surely appropriate to be transparent in this circumstance and wait for justice to be served, one way or the other. The secretive manner in which the whole thing is being carried out hardly instils public confidence in the justice system or the Tory Party. Indeed, someone joked on Twitter he wouldn't be surprised to see the suspect promoted, and although I chuckled, given how many Tories have been guilty of sexual misconduct over the years, it's hardly a laughing matter.

We have a Prime Minister who knocked up his secretary while he wife was undergoing cancer treatment, for God's sake. Nothing illegal about that, of course, but it's still pretty damn sleazy. You could be forgiven for thinking the whole Tory Party is sleazy from top to bottom. It's not just the sexual misconduct either, it's the donations from Russian oligarchs and the secret NHS negotiations with America and the Cambridge Analytica scandal and, well, I could go on, but you get the picture. 

Sleaze and corruption go hand in hand with the Tory Party, yet for some inexplicable reason, a good chunk of the British public love them. What is wrong with these people? Are they in denial or do they simply not care about integrity?

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