Friday, 11 September 2020

Should Boris Johnson Resign for Breaching the Ministerial Code?

Boris Johnson's Internal Markets bill which would modify Britain's Brexit plan is illegal under international law, as admitted by Secretary of State Brandon Lewis in Parliament. 

There is a small problem here: breaking the law or calling for a breaking of the law is a breach of the Ministerial Code, and any minister guilty of such a breach is obligated to resign.

Here is what the Ministerial Code says:

1.3 The Ministerial Code should be read against the background of the overarching duty on Ministers to comply with the law and to protect the integrity of public life. 

There is however one flaw with the enforcement of the Ministerial Code which is as follows:

1.4 It is not the role of the Cabinet Secretary or other officials to enforce the Code. If there is an allegation about a breach of the Code, and the Prime Minister, having consulted the Cabinet Secretary, feels that it warrants further investigation, he may ask the Cabinet Office to investigate the facts of the case and/or refer the matter to the independent adviser on Ministers’ interests. 

It is the role of the Prime Minister to refer himself and other ministers for investigation, and somehow I can't see the man who has treated the law with contempt since the day he tried to overrule sovereignty of Parliament to force through No Deal holding himself to account. This would be yet another example of how our democratic processes can be farcical and open to abuse from would-be dictators. 

Here's the thing: there is no need for an investigation from the Cabinet Office. Boris Johnson and his Ministers are openly calling for a breaking of the law which would devastate the UK's international reputation, and if they had any integrity, they would resign. 

You would think this shitshow would provide the perfect opportunity for the leader of the opposition to demand heads, and yet Sir Keir's words on the matter have been less scathing than those of Theresa May and John Major! Indeed, it seems the beige one only said anything at all to save himself the embarrassment of being overshadowed by the former Tory Prime Ministers in his role of actually opposing.

You would also think remainers would be apoplectic with rage that Remain's saviour, Mr Meaningful Opposition is so limply watching the government lead us into the worst kind of Brexit. A worst of all worlds scenario. A complete and utter mess. And yet most of the people who decided Jeremy Corbyn wasn't remainy enough seem almost indifferent!

Britain is sleep-walking into neo-fascism, into an era where the law doesn't apply and human rights can be trampled over and Britain's international reputation is shattered, and centrists are going to be utterly complicit, as they've always been throughout history. 

If the so-called opposition won't call for the Prime Minister's resignation, we surely must for the sake of all our futures.

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