Monday, 19 October 2020

America Furious as Bolivia Chooses "Wrong" Leader Again!

To the surprise of absolutely no one who's been paying attention, the Movement Towards Socialism party has swept to victory in the 2020 Bolivian election. Exit polls show their lead to be so wide (20 points) that they've significantly surpassed the 10 point threshold needed to win outright in the first round. Although the official result will not be announced for five days, due to the lack of a rapid count, the announcement now seems to be a formality.

Interim President Jeanine Áñez Chávez who was, according to the US, Bolivia's rightful leader, actually dropped out the race to avoid splitting the conservative vote because she knew her chance of victory lay somewhere between nought and zero. She is about as popular among her people as Juan Guaidó is - the guy America declared Venezuela's rightful leader when they wanted to steal the world's largest oil reserves. Thankfully, neither the Venezuelans nor the Bolivians are taking any imperialist BS right now.

Elon Musk is said to be distraught

America decided to overthrow hugely popular President Evo Morales last year, due to serious concerns about the welfare of Bolivia's lithium reserves and reports that revenue was being funnelled into public services, rather than offshore bank accounts. Morales was so authoritarian that he declined to let US companies have the lithium because other countries like China and Germany offered him a better deal. 

Due to this outrage, the US pretended the Bolivian election had been rigged and a coup was in order, so Evo Morales was driven into exile in Argentina. It's worth bearing in mind, Morales had the audacity to set up an anti-imperialist school in Bolivia and was guilty of other crimes against humanity, such as a huge reduction in poverty and increased investment in public services. He had the monstrous idea the working class should come before billionaires. No wonder centrists fucking hate him. 

In Bolivia there is no one to look down on because they don't leave their people behind.

So anyways, Morales remains in exile from what I can gather, but stated he will return if MAS win and may well be on his way home, fingers crossed. He'd been leading the MAS campaign from Argentina, but for a while it seemed his party would be kept off the ballot. Thankfully, a recent ruling allowed them to participate in the election. Bloody democracy. This meant the people of Bolivia had more than a barely distinguishable range of conservative options, and they again chose the party that's had their backs since Morales swept to victory in 2006. 

Don't they know they're supposed to let America choose their leaders?

British-educated economist Luis Arce will soon be confirmed President (no, that's not pronounced arse, thank you very much) and real democracy will be restored to Bolivia, instead of the pretend kind where western imperialists select a hugely unpopular person who'll let them plunder natural gas and minerals. I can't see America tolerating this situation for too long.

Surely, it's a matter of time before the US imposes sanctions or stages a coup, while accusing Arce of every human rights violation America is guilty of. Or makes an assassination attempt which they honestly have no knowledge of. If you think this sounds a bit cynical, just remember the US has overthrown virtually every socialist leader in Latin America over the last 100 years and is currently working on President Maduro of Venezuela who has the audacity to keep surviving US attempts to murder him by drone.

Latin America, and indeed Bolivia, emphasises perfectly how the US and UK are absolutely the bad guys on the world stage. Right now, the imperialists of the Republicans, Democrats, Conservatives and Labour will be shitting themselves that Arce, along with Maduro (and further afield the likes of Jacinda Ardern) will demonstrate to the world alternatives to capitalism are not only possible but absolutely essential.

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