Farewell NHS

In a recent survey, 75% of people supported our NHS, once the envy of the world, now a poor relation to many other countries' health services.

The number of NHS beds has halved between 1987 and 2019.

Yes, Blair started the privatisation ball rolling with his PFIs, and in the last ten years, the Conservative government has taken a wrecking ball to this wonderful institution.

Virgin Care has received £2 billion of NHS contracts in the last five years.

Virgin Care pays no tax in the UK.

I could spend this article quoting figures which would make your hair curl, but instead, I’m going to tell you about my GP surgery which was taken over by Virgin Care about four years ago.

As a pretty decent surgery, I had nothing to complain about until Branson’s lot got their hands on it. Now, rarely a week goes by without the surgery being in the local papers, and not for good reasons. Appointments for “urgent” cases take on average three weeks, prescriptions are rarely on time, and families have lost loved ones as a direct result of negligence by my practice. I personally know two families who are suing.

This practice was put in special measures twice in a year. It is failing patients. Now we have coronavirus to deal with too.

The only way to get an appointment is to call at 8am and hope for the best. During the last three months my mental health has deteriorated and I have been trying to get a referral to see my psychiatrist. I call every day - one day I called 239 times. I kid you not.

12 weeks I have been trying to get a phone appointment with no success. I need my GP to re-refer me to my psychiatrist; it’s how the system works. I have managed to get three phone appointments re this situation. I never received the call on any of these occasions. I emailed the surgery, begging them to refer me and was ignored. I wrote to the surgery to beg them to refer me and was ignored.

In fact, they have taken away my ability to contact them online, and the only reason I can see for them doing this is because of my emails. None were abusive at all; I simply begged them to refer me.

So that’s 12 weeks of pleading for a referral, a simple email to my psychiatrist.




My psychiatrist has advised me to call 111 and be referred that way, as red tape means someone has to refer me. This is just one example of the absolute disinterest and negligence of Richard Branson’s atrocious service. I’m absolutely convinced if I had the money to pay privately, I’d have been treated by now.

I have seen old men cry in the surgery, begging for their wives' prescriptions, due a week earlier. I have seen very sick people being told their medication hasn’t been done and to go away and wait another day or two. In short, Branson and his ilk are failing us all. They are a burden on the NHS because they make the sick sicker.

Of the 75% of the public who support our NHS, a large portion voted to dismantle it. By voting for this government, you are complicit in the death of the most wonderful gift our country has ever had.

People are dying, and more will die as the government continues to flog off vital services to their cronies.

For that, I will never forgive you.


  1. Excellent article thank you and solidarity

  2. Hi Julie. So sorry you've experienced such terrible lack of service to get seen/heard. Can I suggest emailing Mid Essex CCG chair with the body of this article, and cc in Essex CC Health Oversight and Scrutiny Committee for their information.
    Hope you get your psychiatrist appointment very soon.

  3. Very good article but also very frightening about what is happening and we have no control over it. Makes you realise even more what we could have had if not for those who betrayed us.


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