However The Tories Spin It, A Child Is NEVER To Blame

The Free School Meals debacle isn’t going away quietly. Even outside of the social media bubble, anger is palpable.

Hundreds of local authorities, businesses, community groups, charities, foodbanks, celebrities, and high profile social media activists have come together to feed the poor children of Britain. 

I’m not a cheerleader for big business. Many of them negotiate their own tax rates, pay their staff the very least that they can get away with, forcing their staff to seek state assistance, and deny their workers long-term contracts because of their willingness to abuse the plague of zero hour contracts. 

But some big businesses, including most of the supermarkets, are trying to help. Call it PR if you like. I doubt the hungry child and grateful parent give a shit where it came from. If you’ve been there, you’ll understand. 

When you’re staring at a pack of pasta and a tin of garden peas, and that’s your lot for the week ahead, you’ll get it. Believe me, if someone offered you a carrier bag of shopping at that very moment, you’d tear their arm off, whether it came from Waitrose, Aldi, or the Premier shop that stocks the Happy Shopper/Best-In range. 

So please, take some time to acknowledge the good that people are doing to help one another. Socialism in action is a wonderful sight, compassion is contagious, however, the circumstances leading to this situation are far from wonderful. 

I will say this over and over again, because it should be on the front of every newspaper, every day. Your government spent £12 billion pounds on a fucking useless test and trace contact system but refused to allocate one five hundredth of that amount to help the poorest children during the school break. 

They have awarded massive multi-million pound contracts to new-start companies with Tory links, for the supply of vital PPE, without any tendering process whatsoever, and the cost of many of these blatantly corrupt contracts is far greater than the money needed to feed hungry children. And do you know what? We haven’t even received much of the PPE that we so desperately need, like now. 

We are being taken for a ride here. No civilised society should accept the national scandal of children living in poverty in a country of vast wealth, even more so when the Sercos of this world have access to their own hole-in-the-wall cash machine somewhere inside the bowel of Number 11 Downing Street. 

And here’s the thing: even if you seriously believe the scandal of child poverty is somehow down to a lack of parental responsibility, the child will still be hungry. It’s not the child’s fault. 

Even if you are convinced the ever-growing queue at the Food Bank is a product of poor lifestyle choices, the child will still be hungry. It’s not the child’s fault. 

A child is NEVER to blame.

I don’t think I can make it any clearer for the army of right-wing poverty deniers that tell you how they were dragged up on stingy nettle stew and boiled potato peelings. 

Honestly, the twatishness of these soulless bigots is such a sad reflection of what many in society have become. 

Me, me, me? No. It has to be about “we”, or this problem, and the many other problems we’ve been pushed into by the Conservatives, will never go away. 

The pressure on Johnson will grow. A U-turn is almost inevitable, but it will be sold to you as some sort of Christmas bonus because that’s the sort of snakes they are. 

When the U-turn arrives, don’t give them any credit. You’ve seen the doubling-down from the likes of Ben Bradley, and it’s a shameful and hideous thing to witness. 

Here is this over-privileged, mostly privately educated, bunch of Johnson sycophants telling you, their employer, that they know what it’s like to struggle. 

The only time a Tory turns up at a Food Bank is when the pompous ghouls are looking for a good photo opportunity. They absolutely disgust me. Heaven only knows what the kindly volunteers must think of these millionaires, rolling up in their ministerial Limousines, with a carrier bag full of quinoa and freshly trimmed asparagus tips. 

Heartless bastards. 

The Tories have been intent on dismantling the welfare state for as long as I can remember. Even New Labour gave you ATOS and work capability assessments that docked points from the test ‘score’ if an amputee was able to carry something with their stumps. 

It wasn’t all about the introduction of the minimum (poverty) wage, or even the creation of child tax credits. This attack on the Labour-created welfare state has been a project for successive governments. 

Yes, of course you can tell me about how much the furlough scheme costs. Do you think the Tories *wanted* to do that? Of course not. They just realised the damage that would be caused from not acting at all would far outweigh the cost of the scheme itself. 

One U-turn is an embarrassment. Two U-turns, on exactly the same matter, would be an utter humiliation for Boris Johnson and his cabal of merry child-starvers. 

But it’s your pressure, your activism, and your demands to protect the very poorest children in this country that will FORCE this disgraceful administration into yet another embarrassing U-Turn. 

This will not go away, Boris Johnson. 

You blamed heroic nurses and carers for not using PPE correctly. Bastards. 

You blamed teachers, parents, and unions for YOUR failure to get children back to school in June. You disgrace. 

You blamed people for going out and having a meal when YOU gave them a £10 discount to go out and have a meal. We see you. 

You blamed scientists for their advice, when the scientists themselves said that you TRASHED their advice. You liar. 

And now you want to blame poor lifestyle choices, despite your fucking abhorrent decade-long austerity project, and a global pandemic destroying livelihoods across the land, for the national scandal of child poverty. How despicable are you exactly?

The child is NEVER to blame. 

This isn’t going away. I won’t let it, and I don’t think you will either. 

We will not accept the state abandonment of children. Never. 

U- turn, Boris Johnson, and U-turn now, because we won’t be going away.

Take care folks x 


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  1. What a great post. Exposing the Tory litany of corrupt processes using an evidence based forensic approach. Their attempt to punish children to "save" a bit of our money, as if it was THEIR MONEY IN THE FIRST PLACE, has backfired spectactually and has unified the country in calling out their ugly and pathetic excuses and doing the right thing by the children. Socialism isn't just a Party political agenda. It is an antedote to the Tory mantra which as you say is " it's all about me me me". Socialism recognises that not everyone is born with the expectation of having equal opportunities in life and that compassion needs to be exrended to the less fortunate. Difficult for me to understand why socialism isnt the default political doctrine in this country


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