Shame On Starmer: Abstention Is Complicity - You Are A Disgrace

It has been another atrocious week for the Labour Party. 

It’s sad really. I don’t actually want to write about this Labour Party. I've supported them as loudly as anybody over the last few years. I went for the Tories as much as anybody else over the last few years. Cameron, May, and Johnson have all had plenty from me. This is no secret. The receipts are out there. 

I am Labour through and through. This version of the Labour Party isn’t. I don’t think that is particularly complicated.

I have no doubt this write-up will inspire at least a few Starmextremists to appear on my timeline to tell me: 

• I’m being paid by CCHQ

• I’m doing the Tories work for them

• I’m working for Dominic Cummings

• I’m a Tory plant 

And the old favourite? “It’s either Johnson or Starmer, so take your pick.” 

If these are your stock replies to any criticism of the great Brylcreemed Shitehawk then you might as well close the page now, because this won’t be pretty, but if you insist on carrying on, then let’s get a few things straight. 

As for the points I’ve just made above, I'll grace you with a simple reply. Fuck off. 

And if you want me to expand on that, keep fucking off, until you reach the hill of couldn’t give a fucks, where you’ll find me telling you to fuck off some more, just to be sure. We tried the polite option, but you refused to listen because you have no self-awareness and the charm of chlamydia.

You don’t get to tell us about unity. Wind your necks in. You don’t get to tell us it’s “Starmer or Johnson” when we spent four years, two leadership contests, and two general elections telling you that it’s either Socialism or Capitalism. Not a chance. 

Starmer or Johnson isn’t a choice, it is no choice. 

It’s like picking between Covid and Pneumonia.

You don’t get to tell us we are working against the interests of a Labour government when you spent four years making up claims of racism and abuse, while the party machinery was absolutely riddled with racism and abuse towards the left. Was this your shield? Arseholes.

You smeared, you lied, you tried to get a decent, kind, honest man like Jeremy Corbyn, and break him in half. I was there, I saw it. I won’t forgive, and I certainly won’t forget. 

Your calls for us to leave Starmer alone are falling on deaf ears, I’m afraid. He will be held to the same level of accountability as any other establishment-friendly anti-socialist. 

This week's order to abstain on the CHIS Bill is one of the most chicken-hearted, shameful acts of his leadership to date. And it’s not like there hasn’t been much to choose from. 

This horrific abandonment of principled leadership will be remembered in the same way we now remember those who refused to vote against the Tories barbaric welfare reforms of 2015. Such as Sir Keir Starmer. 

It took this absolute schooling from award-winning film director, Ken Loach, to remind Starmer of Labour’s welfare policy - in this case, scrapping the Work Capability Assessment and using the evidence of medical professionals to decide if you are fit for work, rather than an ATOS mercenary who is more likely to be a chiropractor than a medical professional trained to assess your mental and physical wellbeing. Fuck ATOS and their disgusting assessments. It was New Labour that handed ATOS the first DWP contract back in 2005.

Starmer has abstentions in his heart, and splinters in his arse. He stands for nothing. He is as much a socialist as I am a spokeswoman and personal assistant to Jurgen Klopp. 

We can only dream. 

But just look at what he was telling his troops to abstain on. What kind of fucked up shitpot society would think we need to allow *anyone* to have pre-authorised immunity from using rape, torture, or even murder, as their weapon of choice? Basic rules apply to all of us, regardless of career choice.

Unless you’re the Prime Minister’s Chief Adviser.

Another stunning moment for Labour this week was when some bright spark thought it would be a good idea to appoint Nita Clarke to oversee the culture of the Labour Party. 

Most people had never heard of Nita before. Blairite relics are best to remain as relics for a good reason. 

A few people decided to see what they could find out about her, although they wasn’t expecting much, as most people appointed to such a lofty position within the Labour Party have the good sense to delete past social media posts that might be deemed somewhat unhelpful. 

But not Nita. She either didn’t give a fuck what people think, or didn’t have the good sense to use the delete tweet option. It’s one or the other, or possibly even both. 

We had pleas for Jess Phillips and Anna Soubry to form a new party, general hatred towards anything slightly left of centre, and anti-Corbyn smears and bilge that Ian Austin would be proud of. 

After a few hours of absolute mayhem, Labour decided to withdraw the utter disaster of an appointment. 

There is some serious anger out there today. We have an absolutely diabolical government, led by a man with the leadership abilities of a bowl of semolina. They are deeply unpopular with a majority of the country. Chaos and confusion reigns supreme.

Starmer should be miles ahead of this shower of shit - not struggling to get level with the Bullingdon despot and his band of ghouls. Keith has even got the media onside, apart from the Daily Express, who will never forgive him for his ultra-remain past. 

If a Labour leader isn’t attacked by the media, day in, day out, they are simply not a Labour leader worth having. If they are willing to show some courage, and stand up to the Murdochs and the Rothermeres of this world, then they’ve got something worth hearing. 

The billionaire media moguls have ruled our country for too long. They have peddled hatred and infected society with selfishness. They can’t stand compassion, they always want someone to blame for the ills caused by decades of Tory rule. 

If you can’t stand up to this tyranny, you have no fucking business being the leader of the Labour Party. You don’t write for the Daily Mail, and you certainly don’t write for anything to do with Rupert Murdoch. 

Why should I even need to say this? 

It’s hard to contain the anger at times. These awful gaslighting centrist failures did everything that they possibly could to damage our chances of winning a General Election. 

All they had left was Sir Keir Starmer, and boy, did he deliver, with the ultimate act of sabotage when he literally invented Labour’s Brexit Policy, leaving Labour as the party that betrayed around 4 million of their own voters. While Starmer got the praise from the metropolitan elitists, Corbyn took the blame for Starmer’s heinous act of treachery.

He knew exactly what he was doing. Remain meant nothing to Starmer. The People’s Vote catastrophe was designed to finish off Corbyn’s time as Labour leader. 

Take a read of some independent media today if you can. For example, this STUNNING piece from Novara Media will give you a clue as to where the Labour Party is heading. 

Starmer is intent on driving the left out of Labour. He sees us as a modern day Militant, rather than just people who want a better world for everyone. 

Most of us have never been near a picket line, we just want our children to have ambitions that can be fulfilled in a society that works together, for each other, for the greater good. 

Do you think Starmer can deliver on that, or will it be corporations and donors first? 

You know the answer to that. 

Starmer has had long enough to prove he is a fucking charlatan. I honestly don’t give a frog's fat arse about the field he purchased for his mother. I don’t care how much he is worth, or what car he drives. I simply do not care. 

What I do care about is being stuck in a one-Party state. The choice between blue establishment and red establishment isn’t a choice at all. Conservatism or Social Conservatism (Johnson or Starmer) do not have the solutions to the copious amounts of problems that we are facing today. 

Do you think Starmer or Johnson have the cahoolies to get Brexit sorted, or have a viable plan to tackle Coronavirus? What about the recession? Who will pay for it? It won’t be Amazon or Google, will it? What about homelessness? How many more must die on the streets this winter? The NHS? It can’t cope during a normal winter, thanks to years of underfunding and private sector involvement. 

What is your plan to rescue us, Sir Keir? What difference is there between you and Johnson, policy-wise? Where is your socialism, Sir Keir? 

We know Johnson is fucking useless, we do have eyes, but that doesn’t automatically make you competent, and it certainly doesn’t make you likeable. 

Instead of declaring war on the Tories, Sir Starmer has declared war on the left. If he put as much energy into attacking the government as he puts into trying to eradicate the British left, he probably would be at least 10 points ahead.

The first thing you can do to serve him a bloody nose is to ensure the Grassroots Voice Six NEC candidates end up winning places on Labour’s governing body. 

Had Corbyn’s Labour lost 8 front benchers and had 35 MPs defy his orders, it would have been on the front of most of the tabloids. “Labour in crisis”, you know the sort of thing. 

But this is Starmer’s Labour, benefiting from positive media coverage, so barely a word is said. 

There is one hell of a battle ahead. Stand by your principles, be guided by what is right, much like the 35 Labour MPs that voted against the government’s Spycops Bill. 

Our unity has always been our strength. Now is the time to be strong, unified, and to fight harder than ever for the Labour Party that we want, and the kind of country that we want to be. 

Standing aside isn’t an option. 

Bring it, Sir. 


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  1. Great article Rachel, I'd be really happy if you'd follow me back on Twitter. Have followed you multiple times but no followback.

  2. "I don't have to vote Starmer because I'm well off and doesn't affect me"

    "What Torries aren't helping the homeless? Damn, I'll just try to turn everyone against the a component opposition"

  3. A complete analysis of what’s happening to Labour and how, despite getting what they wanted ( Corbyn resignation) there has been no agenda how to deliver the socialist policies AGREED by the party membership and now ignored by the shadow cabinet. Yes, you know better. You’re now on your own Sir Keir et al


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