You’re Not Alone - Mental Health and the Pandemic


I write a lot about Mental Health, as someone who suffers from mental health issues.

Mental health issues, particularly depression, have increased dramatically during the pandemic, with people really struggling financially and emotionally.

I don’t pretend to have all the answers, or even some of them. No two people suffer in the same way.

I remember shortly after the Tories came back into power, two people wrote an emotional blog, saying Goodbye, because they just couldn’t take any more from this government.

Absolutely tragic and unnecessary.

I’m seeing many people on social media who are struggling a lot, either having lost work, lost a loved one or both.

This government has been responsible for a huge increase in suicides/suicide attempts among already fragile people being treated like dirt by the PIP/ESA/UC assessments. An increase of 43%.

People already beaten down are being beaten down even more by a government which refuses to help the people who desperately need help, and who have paid towards this help. This government would rather keep their billionaire donors happy.

"It is indeed a measure of a society in the way they treat their most vulnerable."


The only thing I can say to people is that you’re not alone, you’re really not.

As someone with bipolar disorder, I have mood swings which alternate between highs and lows; mainly lows at the moment.

A daily battle against the demons, often too overwhelming. A daily battle just to get out of bed. A daily battle just to do anything to make life that bit more pleasurable.

Anyone who calls people with depression “weak” are so far off the mark it’s ludicrous. 

The strength needed to cope with mental illness is huge. It’s most definitely not a weakness.

I’ve seen a few heartbreaking tweets recently from men and women who have been fighting for so long that they’re ready to give up. I’ve been there, especially recently.

I saw a lady tweet this morning say that she was moments away from jumping in front of a train, and had actually spent time yesterday at the train station trying to pluck up the courage.

It broke my heart, because sometimes when suicide enters your head, it’s hard to get it back out.

I have no cures, nor do I have all the answers.

Talk, tweet, scream, shout.

You are not alone.

This too shall pass, comrades.

Some telephone numbers if you feel desperate.

Samaritans - free call 116123 (Wales 0808 164 0123)

SHOUT crisis helpline - text SHOUT to 85258

NHS - call 111 to request a mental health specialist.

Much love and Solidarity with you all ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


  1. Glad to know some are concerned about this. Another lockdown fills me with dread.


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