Monday, 23 November 2020

Corbyn Storms the Internet: 100k Tweets Showing Solidarity

Yesterday, a huge storm took over Twitter with the hashtag #WeSupportCorbyn. 

Shortly after midnight, an incredible 100,000 tweets expressing support for the former Labour leader had been sent out. The storm was organised to urge the current leader Sir Keith Starmer to restore the whip, and it's safe to say a strong statement was made. If Starmer thinks he can marginalise and silence so many passionate activists on the left, he is sorely mistaken. 

The #WeSupportCorbyn storm completely overshadowed an attempt by the Labour hard right to launch their own Twitter storm ridiculing Corbyn. Troublingly, some hard-right Labour accounts have resorted to smearing and dog-piling those on the left, knowing they could not win any moral or political argument. At some point, the public is going to start seeing through this tactic.

My advice to the Twitter left, for what it's worth, is to not dignify these dog-pilers with a response - because that is exactly what they are looking for - a response. Instead, let's show solidarity with one another and keep the message overwhelmingly positive. The Labour hard right is rattled.

It's natural for us to express frustration (I certainly do), but what sets us apart is we don't target ordinary people, or set out to humiliate or destroy members of the public, because we are better than that. We care about people no matter which side of the political spectrum they fall on. 

Let the Labour hard right focus on the trolling and we'll concern ourselves with pushing the policy ideas that will transform our society. We all know the Starmerists have nothing in terms of policy, which is why they set out to destroy a good man in Jeremy Corbyn. He holds up a mirror and shows them for what they really are.

I'm hearing Jeremy Corbyn and his family are thrilled by the overwhelming public support and indeed, his wife Laura and son Tommy even participated in the Twitter storm themselves. Let's look back at some of last night's finest moments:

First Jeremy's son Tommy:

Next Jeremy's wife Laura sharing an absolute banger from Craft-D

And this from the man himself... Okay, it's a parody account but still...

Kate Osbourne was one of the few Socialist Campaign Group MPs to speak out

Unquestionably the most powerful contribution of the night...

And finally here's my contribution... 

Obviously there were many more great tweets we could've shared so make sure you get on Twitter and click on the hashtag #WeSupportCorbyn to check them out. I'm hearing Starmer's team is rattled by the huge showing of public support for the former Labour leader. Bizarrely, they genuinely seemed to believe that by making an example of Corbyn, by humiliating and destroying the man, they would destroy an entire movement. What they completely failed to understand is we're not actually Corbynites or Corbynistas, we're socialists. 

We didn't spontaneously appear when Corbyn became Labour leader in 2015. We've always been around, our problems have always been real, and we've always needed the representation which the Labour hard right would deny us. But now we have a voice and we are not going away.

Jeremy Corbyn is one of the finest among us, and if you come for him, you come for us all.