Good Riddance Trump - Hello Mr 131 Billionaire Donors

Despite the nonsense espoused from the usual suspects, the ‘Corbynite’ left is absolutely delighted to see the end of President Donald Trump.

The argument that we wanted Trump to win isn’t just false, it’s utterly bizarre, and can only come from the mind of somebody deeply confused with the basics of the political spectrum. 

Trump is of the white supremacist quasi-fascist right.

We are of the National Health Service building, welfare state creating left.

While Trump wants to see ‘Proud Boys’ marching through the streets, the ‘Corbynites’ march through the streets to stand up for justice, equality, and good old fashioned compassion. 

Now we’ve managed to explain the very simple differences between Trumpian politics and Corbynism - you’re welcome to call it “socialism” - let’s talk about where you might be getting a little bit confused. 

If you have a rotten tooth, it usually needs pulling out. Once the tooth is out, you are left with some pain, perhaps some swelling, and a general feeling of discomfort. 

So you either tolerate the decaying tooth, until it’s infected everyone and everything around it, or you get the tooth extracted, and put up with the short term discomfort. 

So Trump is the rotten tooth. The American people chose to extract the tooth. Phew. You’re obviously happy the tooth is out, but, and this is the important bit, it doesn’t mean you need to crack open the bubbly to celebrate the discomfort, despite it being the lesser of the two evils. 

In short, just because you’re not celebrating the arrival of President-elect Joe Biden it doesn’t mean you’re not cock-a-hoop about the departure of the fake-tanned Cheetoh. 

Is this hard to understand?

I don’t think so. Perhaps I am wrong, but I am yet to encounter anyone on the left that is genuinely disappointed by Trump’s defeat. Quite literally. 

The British Biden bandwagon is rather amusing. You’ve got the Labour leader declaring the US Democrats and UK Labour share the same values. Maybe Starmer makes a reasonable comparison, because the US Democrats are ‘moderate’ Tories, beyond the AOCs and Bernie Sanders of the party. Sound familiar? 

But what of Boris Johnson? Biden isn’t a fan of the Etonian Ewok.

Biden’s disdain for Johnson was apparent in a remark made by Biden last December that went largely unnoticed in the UK press, in which he called Boris Johnson "kind of a physical and emotional clone" of Donald Trump. 

Biden makes a good point.

One key moment seems to have been Johnson's comments in 2016 towards Barack Obama, when he claimed that the former President's "part-Kenyan" heritage meant he had an "ancestral dislike of the British empire." Standard Johnson racism to the British, but deeply insulting to Obama, who Biden considers to be part of his family, inside and outside of politics. 

Wouldn’t the reality of this future relationship be worth looking at, rather than trying to look at a demonstrably non-existent relationship between Trumpians and Corbynites? 

Little wonder people won’t take you seriously when you’re alleging British socialists are in mourning following the defeat of a anti-socialist racist. 

Speaking for myself, I congratulate Mr Biden on his victory. But that’s about it. I am not obliged to suddenly pretend I think the election of Biden is the salvation of humanity, after all, when the Americans drop their bombs on innocent humans, and when they send billions of dollars to hard-right oppressive regimes, I don’t think you will find the victims caring whether it’s a a Democrat bomb, or a Republican bomb. 

Biden’s win is a case of the right victory, but the wrong politician. You won’t find many socialist parliamentarians with 131 billionaire backers, will you?

Be honest, how many of you tuned into the widespread coverage of the US Election results, that dragged on and on for what seemed like an eternity, not to witness the victory of President-elect Biden, but the crushing, humiliating defeat of Donald Trump? 

I certainly did.

Be in no doubt, the world is a better place without Donald J. Trump ‘leading’ it. But consider this.

More than 70 million Trumpians aren’t just going to disappear. Donald Trump gave them the licence to behave however they wished, even more so if the NRA approved. This is a huge number of people. How many can be salvaged from the Trump wreckage? 

Strangely enough, I’ve had many conversations with Trumpians, and while it’s probably reasonable to say that not every single Trump voter is a racist, a majority of racists are Trump voters.

It was the same argument with Brexit. Much of the ultra-Remain centrist cult and their celebrity idols insisted you were a racist for voting to Leave, but we all know this wasn’t true. However, it did seem a majority of racists voted to Leave. 

I voted Remain, I campaigned for Remain, my then fourteen year old daughter stood in Swindon town centre campaigning for Remain, but I’m friends with as many Leave voters as I am Remain voters. 

We don’t see ourselves as Leavers or Remainers, and we certainly don’t see ourselves as Trumpians, Bidenites, Starmeramas, or Spaffites. 

That’s because we are socialists.

Our vision isn’t just a moment in time. Our movement isn’t just about one man, or woman. It’s about changing the entire system, from the bottom upwards, so we don’t have to witness a Premier League footballer force the government into feeding poor, hungry children, and we can offer healthcare and education as a human right, and not determined by wealth. 

We get called “hard-left” for these simple aspirations. Wear the badge with pride, because it is better than being told you’re disappointed with the defeat of the child-caging orange narcissist. 

Because that, my friends, is a pile of divisive hogwash.

Take care one and all.


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  1. I totally and humbly agree with you Rachel!!

  2. "So Trump is the rotten tooth. The American people chose to extract the tooth."

    Well, strictly speaking, the American people didn't choose Trump in the first place.

    Clinton got almost 3 million more votes than Trump, but lost on their electoral college system.

    Not that she was a particularly attractive choice either, except that - like Biden - she wasn't Trump.

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