Jeremy Corbyn: MP of the Year

Back in July 2020, Council Estate Voices posted an article entitled Let's make Jeremy Corbyn MP of the Year! It was one of our most popular articles, getting over 35,000 reads at the time of writing. It's safe to say Jeremy Corbyn had huge public support with many online activists pushing for his victory.

This push was for the annual MP of the Year award run by the Patchwork Foundation. Unfortunately, I will not be linking to their website today because our push gave them lots of traffic which quite frankly, I no longer feel they deserve. This is because they have cancelled this year's award, citing "voting irregularities" and are instead suggesting their judges will decide a winner.

Many are claiming the "irregularities" stem from the huge popularity of Jeremy Corbyn which meant he was almost certain to win, and the Patchwork Foundation were not keen on that idea. When you consider that last year, Chris Williamson was kicked out of the competition after receiving huge public support, you can start to see a pattern emerge. I have read claims the Patchwork Foundation is funded by Tory donors who would prefer not to see a socialist winner. I'm sure many of you will draw your own conclusions. 

Whatever is going on here, the fact of the matter is the Patchwork Foundation has denied two hugely popular socialists a chance at winning their MP of the Year competition in consecutive years. It's no wonder people believe they are simply cancelling a result they don't like.

So let's agree to not mention the Patchwork Foundation ever again. They and their competition have lost credibility in the eyes of many, and we don't need them anyways.

We at Council Estate Voices can easily designate our own MP of the Year, and there can only be one winner of that award: Jeremy Corbyn!

The MP for Islington North has not only gained a huge amount of public support which would surely see him sail to victory in any fair competition, but he has inspired a generation. He has engaged people in politics who were otherwise forgotten and this 71 year old has connected with the youth in the way other politicians can only dream of.

For proof of that, look no further than top 20 iTunes single A Letter to Corbyn by Craft-D. It's amazing by the way.

And let's not forget the chants of "Oh, Jeremy Corbyn!" at Glastonbury. How many other politicians can attract the crowds and achieve rock star status like this jam-making septuagenarian?

On a personal level, Jeremy Corbyn inspired me to join the Labour Party (sadly I have since left). I was a council estate lad who'd seen nothing but marginalisation my whole life and here was an MP who was actually on my side. I had little interest in British politics prior to Corbyn and many, many others would say the same.

Jeremy Corbyn is a man who was awarded the Gandhi International Peace Award and Sean McBride Peace Prize. He has stood on the right side of history since his days as a young activist, getting arrested outside the South African embassy in London, protesting apartheid. He has been prepared to put his reputation and career on the line, again and again, to make principled stands, as he is doing today with Palestine and Bolivia. He has been a proud campaigner for LGBT rights. He stood alongside the miners during the strikes. He correctly warned us about the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. He has defied imperialism and challenged the status quo when so many others have fallen silent.

Jeremy Corbyn has inspired the masses because his track record speaks for itself, because he is a man of substance, and unlike most politicians, he genuinely wants to create a better world for everyone. He shocked the establishment by getting to within a whisker of power in 2017 and showing the nation that change really is possible. He has been unfairly smeared and vilified as a result.

In the past 12 months, Jeremy Corbyn took huge strides to tackle Labour antisemitism alongside Jennie Formby and was unfairly maligned by the press, despite clearly acting in good faith. Outrageously, he was suspended from the Labour Party by the new leader in 2020, despite speaking the truth about the situation, as acknowledged by deputy leader Angela Rayner. Corbyn has been the victim of McCarthyite practices and he has handled the situation with admirable dignity. 

Everyone who's been paying attention is well aware that were it not for members of his own party acting against him, Jeremy Corbyn would likely be prime minister today. It would seem he was destroyed by a fifth column, but the fact he came so close with the entire establishment acting against him is a remarkable achievement in itself. Corbyn represents the strongest challenge to the status quo in decades.

More so than anything else, Jeremy Corbyn deserves to be MP of the Year because every ordinary person he comes into contact with immediately loves him. He carries a magic and connects with people with absolute sincerity. You can see it in the eyes. Theirs and his. This is not something that can be faked. Young and old alike cannot help warming to the man when they see who he really is, and it's an absolute tragedy there are so few others like him in politics.

Jeremy Corbyn is the Council Estate Voices MP of the Year.

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  1. Excellent article. Let’s do it every year and bypass those who would ignore our democracy


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