Sunday, 22 November 2020

Top 5 Reasons I Support Corbyn

I may not be a Labour member anymore, but I am certainly still a socialist. Here are the top five reasons I still support Jeremy Corbyn.

1. Corbyn proudly represents my views

Jeremy Corbyn emerged as Labour leader while we were in the midst of a worldwide recession caused by centrist neoliberal economics. While other countries were in a mess, the Nordic social democracies kept their heads above water and continued to offer their people the world's highest living standards. Even historically conservative groups like the WTO were advising countries to emulate the Nordic model. To me it was plain as day we must shift left, yet UK politicians for the most part were glued to the economics which had failed so badly. Then along came Jeremy Corbyn who wanted to give us a little bit of that Nordic magic. It's worth noting he was vilified by those who wanted, and still want, to maintain the status quo.

2. Corbyn is strongly antiracist

Corbyn has fought racism throughout his political career. He was arrested protesting apartheid outside the South African embassy in London. At the time, both Reagan and Thatcher considered the ANC to be a terrorist organisation. Corbyn campaigned to save a Jewish cemetery from demolition and called for Yemeni Jews to be granted asylum in the UK. He is a proud advocate for Palestinian rights and has spoken up for marginalised people around the world, often jeopardising his political career to do so. Jeremy Corbyn is as committed an antiracist as you will find, and as a father of Black children, this is a matter close to my heart.

3. Corbyn is a long-term supporter of LGBT rights

Today many politicians claim to be supporters of LGBT rights, but this was certainly not always the case. Corbyn didn't need to wait until a view became trendy or politically necessary to adopt it. He has simply relied on his judgement and sense of morality since learning about these issues in 1967 when he was in a minority of one in his class. He attended the earliest Pride parades in the 1970s and he helped set up a North London gay centre. He opposed Thatcher's notorious Section 28 which banned teaching about homosexuality in schools, and as Labour leader, he pledged to put gay history on the school curriculum. Corbyn is a true LGBT ally.

4. Corbyn warned us against the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars

Jeremy Corbyn correctly warned us about the consequences of Iraq, Afghanistan, and every other imperialist invasion. As a young man, I had mixed feelings about Iraq and was anti-war at the time, but also swayed by the lies of Blair. I distinctly remember speeches from politicians like Jeremy Corbyn and celebrities like George Michael. I remember thinking history will show us who was correct. And history has shown Corbyn and the anti-war brigade to be correct, emphatically so

Here is Corbyn's famous speech from February 15th 2003 at the UK's biggest ever political demonstration in Hyde Park:

5. Corbyn is always on the right side of history

Hopefully, the examples given above show Corbyn to be on the right side of history on key issues where his stance was often unpopular at the time. I certainly believe they do. 

As Tony Benn Famously said: "Weathercocks will spin in whatever direction the wind of public opinion may blow them. And then there are signposts, which stand true, and tall, and principled. And they point in the direction and they say, 'This is the way to a better society and it is my job to convince you why.'"

Jeremy Corbyn is a signpost.

So these are my five biggest reasons for supporting Jeremy Corbyn, what are yours?

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