Corbyn Interview with The Canary Sends Liberal Twitter into Meltdown

Jeremy Corbyn has given one of his first interviews since the launch of the Peace and Justice Project to one of the publications that has stood by him through thick and thin, that has never waivered in its support, that knows the true meaning of solidarity - The Canary

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Check out the official announcement below:

Unfortunately, not everyone has been as enthusiastic as we certainly are.

Liberal poster boy and self-proclaimed moral arbiter of the left - Owen Jones - was predictably among the first to stick the boot in. Honestly, can you even call yourself left-wing if you've never been thrown under a bus by Owen Jones?

Owen said among other things that "Jeremy Corbyn should not be giving friendly interviews to The Canary in which he urges people to support them," and no, I'm not linking to the tweet of that little (I'd better stop there). He really doesn't deserve the attention.

Owen Jones is the ultimate weathervane. Unquestionably intelligent and articulate, he could be a real asset to the left, but the problem is that despite claiming to be a socialist, Owen writes for the liberal Guardian and so often takes the establishment line. It seems Owen is more than willing to attack anyone on the left to win the approval of his Westminster bubble and keep the gravy train going. Or sometimes to sell his latest book as the wonderful Rachael Swindon would testify (after the time Owen decided to publicly unfriend her because that was the "optics position". Owen subsequently claimed the pair were never friends, but I'm pretty sure Rachael has the receipts.)

Owen Jones simply does not understand the meaning of solidarity and that makes him as good as useless to the socialist movement. And he was far from the only one sticking the boot in last night. The usual centrist hate brigade were happy to join in the attacks, but honestly, none of these non-entities are worth mentioning. Type "The Canary" into your Twitter search bar to see the crap they've been saying and then get blocking. The Canary might have taken a hammering, but this was overwhelmed by an outpouring of public support and their follower numbers are flying up (and hopefully their subscribers are too).

The hypocrisy of the whole situation makes my head hurt. 

We have Sir Keir Starmer writing for The Times behind a paywall, and speaking to The Sun and Daily Mail, yet these publications have racist, anti-immigrant, and Islamophobic bile on their front covers almost every day. Then we have the BBC and The Guardian that did everything they could to stop Labour getting into government. (Owen Jones himself called for Corbyn to step down in 2016 before later backtracking when the wind changed.)
We have 90% of the media doing everything in their power to prevent meaningful change in the UK. And you're going to tell me The Canary is beyond the pale? Are you kidding me?
We live in a country where media moguls like Rupert Murdoch have decided the outcome of our general elections for decades, and finally we have a vibrant, growing independent media showing the public another perspective. Anyone who was truly left-wing would see the importance of supporting such publications, and Jeremy Corbyn certainly does. 
It's a pretty good rule of thumb that if your opinion differs from Jeremy Corbyn's, your opinion is probably wrong.

For those who've been living under a rock, The Canary is an Impress-regulated, independent left-wing news site which is proud of its political activism and track record on accurate reporting. It's worth pointing out Impress is the only regulator that meets the standards recommended by the Leveson Inquiry, and most MSM outlets refuse to sign up to it, on the basis it's too strict (and laughably that it would undermine their freedom of speech!) 

Yes, the so-called journalists who call The Canary "fake news" want the freedom to lie to the public! Also, they fail to mention how despite The Canary receiving more complaints than all other Impress publications, so few complaints are ever upheld against it (just two in three years). The Canary demonstrably follows rigorous journalistic standards and will always issue corrections on those rare occasions it gets it wrong.

The Canary fearlessly challenges mainstream media narratives and shows a perspective you will struggle to find elsewhere. For that reason more than any other, you should read The Canary.

It was founded in 2015 and has grown into the UK's largest independent left-wing news site, becoming a target of liberal vitriol in the process. By reporting inconvenient truths, The Canary exposes centrist journalists for what they are - spineless hypocrites. It represents the values they pretend to represent while singing from the establishment song sheet.

Canary editor Kerry-Anne Mendoza was made a non-person by the mainstream media when she courageously visited Gaza and witnessed the genocide with her own eyes. Watch the interview she gave with The Young Turks in the below tweet. It's honestly one of the most moving things you will ever see.

One of the charges levelled at Mendoza is that she is "problematic" because she can show a lack of "sensitivity" towards Israel when she discusses the occupation. Yes, they accuse a woman who is married to a Jew of insensitivity (and often antisemitism) for reporting a genocide she has witnessed with her own eyes, risking her personal safety in the process. They completely fail to see Mendoza's impassioned defences of the Palestinian people for what they are, and that my friends, is insensitivity on their part. It's problematic. Some might say it's anti-Palestinian racism.

Anyone who's had the privilege of speaking to Mendoza knows she is one of the nicest and most honest people you could ever wish to meet. She is exactly the kind of person you would want alongside you in the trenches. She is the most authentic antiracist you will ever find and one of a handful of real journalists in the country. 

Kerry-Anne Mendoza said the following to Council Estate Voices:

“We love what we do. Every day, we wake up and know we’re working in an organisation that stands for something. I’ve never worked anywhere like The Canary before, and our record speaks for itself. We’re thankful for everyone who’s shown solidarity with us, and with the values we fight to defend and promote. Keep on keeping on!”

Please don't forget to tune into the Corbyn interview which will be broadcast on The Canary's Twitter feed this Thursday at 7.00pm.

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  1. Thanks for this, Jones is well past his sell-by date; if he had any sense of shame he would have changed his name and had plastic surgery long ago.


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