Monday, 22 March 2021

A Riot Is the Language of the Unheard

Last night, peaceful protesters were involved in a minor scuffle with a police van. A crowd had gathered in Bristol to oppose the latest crackdown on democracy by our fascist Tory government - the bill to ban peaceful protests. During this gathering, it appears the police van has unfortunately caught fire, but it remains unclear whether this was actually self-inflicted. 

Eyewitnesses have suggested the police van was "dressed provocatively" and one woman even suggested it was "begging for it." Another explained she didn't think it was a good idea for the police van to be out on the streets after dark. What did it think would happen? It seems clear the police van had not taken the appropriate steps to keep itself safe.

Unfortunately, some windows were broken during last night's gathering as protesters intervened to protect their democracy from Tory bastards. This action was, of course, regrettable, but some might suggest a rather restrained response to establishment forces slamming women onto the ground facedown at a candle-lit vigil.

Now no one, absolutely no one wants to see a police van burnt out - that thing was paid for with our tax money, after all. And we certainly don't want to see private property damaged, but like Martin Luther King Jr famously said, "A riot is the language of the unheard," and when you're banning peaceful protest, stripping courts of their powers of judicial oversight, creating secret police with the power to rape and murder, brutalising women holding candles, and looting the country to line your pockets, what do you fucking think is going to happen?

To paraphrase JFK, "When you make peaceful protest impossible, violent revolution becomes inevitable."

The establishment surely knows this, they're not idiots. Well, maybe the prime minister's an idiot, but most of them are reasonably intelligent people who've read history books. They know the basic social science behind this kind of behaviour and they're choosing to confront the people, to inflame tensions, rather than diffuse the situation. The establishment is looking for a fight.

Basically, if there were no police at the Kill the Bill protest, there would've been no riot - this was a manufactured situation. Every act of defiance by an increasingly alienated public will be used to rile the Tories' privileged base and justify their increasingly authoritarian measures. The public will, of course, fight back and the rioting will get worse until either the government backs down or dissenting voices are crushed and we descend into full-on authoritarianism.

"The establishment irritate you - pull your beard and flick your face - to make you fight. Because once they've got you violent, then they know how to handle you." John Lennon.

Something tells me fascists like Priti Patel are not remotely interested in backing down so authoritarianism, here we come. Round of applause to every centrist idiot who decided universal fibre broadband would be worse than this. You overprivileged dickheads.

The saddest thing about this whole situation is 40% of the electorate still support the government and will support them no matter what they do. That's because they're either in the privileged bubble from which everyone else appears to be dangerous and scary. Or, they're one of the raging gammons who will gladly usher in their own oppression as long as they're allowed to lynch minorities.

60% of the public are opposed to this Tory government, but we can't remove them from power. How the hell is that democracy?

We know there are many good police officers in this country (I've met some truly outstanding ones), but they must now face the reality they are part of a fascist organisation, enemies of democracy. It's time for them to make a choice: are they going to use the defence they were "just following orders?" Or are they going to stand on the right side of history?

Because history really is watching. And if and when we descend into fascism, what is your position going to be? Will you be able to hold your head up and proudly say you did whatever you could to oppose this? Or will you pretend no one could've seen this coming, when some of us of have been calling this out for a decade or more? 

Maybe you'll blame ungrateful lefties for kicking up a fuss about silly things like economic murder and  the climate crisis and the world's worst Covid-19 response. Maybe you'll blame us, the victims of your arrogance for your failure to see the consequences of your arrogance, but just know that if you stand on the side of the establishment now, you would've done so at any other point in history when fascists emerged. You would've voted for Hitler and blamed his victims, then cried about how you were misled when history finally came to judge you.

Recent events are providing the perfect opportunity for the leader of the opposition to step up to the plate and lead the fight back, but what seems particularly terrifying is his silence on the matter. It seems clear Sir Keith Starmer is just as pro-establishment as Boris Johnson and even shares his authoritarian instincts. This means we have no opposition. We have a single party state with two colours - red and blue - which both must be defeated.

The establishment won't give any more ground, surrender any more power, give the public any more representation - they already think you have too much democracy and it's time to rein it in. No wonder the Scots, Welsh, and Northern Irish are desperate to break away from this corrupt union. We've also seen the fight for northern English independence gain huge traction in recent weeks. The people, particularly the younger generation, have had enough. 

The establishment is offering nothing, other than zero hours contracts, poverty wages, greedy landlords, a dying climate, imperial wars, and corruption on a colossal scale. If your response to that is "I'm alright Jack," you really are a terrible person.

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