Ceasefire Agreed Between Israel and Hamas

The Israeli Security Cabinet has voted in favour of a ceasefire with Hamas to begin at 2am Palestinian time (midnight UK time). Israel, however, is still dropping bombs on Gaza at the time of this article's publication. Hamas had demanded an end to forced evictions in Sheik Jarrah and access to the Al Aqsa mosque. It claims Israel has agreed to these demands, but a spokesman for the Israeli government insisted the ceasefire is "unconditional".

Israel had ominously stated their 11-day invasion would not end until there was complete calm, but it appears the international outcry has forced a change of plans. The unexpectedly large quantity of weapons Hamas has stockpiled may have also influenced the decision. Clearly, this was not going to be the easy fight Netanyahu had expected.

Egypt, Qatar and the UN had acted as mediators and called for Israel to end aggression which has killed at least 256 civilians and 69 children, according to the UN. The invasion has resulted in the destruction of a school, hospital, media offices, houses and apartment buildings across Gaza. Horrifyingly, a Gazan refugee camp was bombed, and vital infrastructure, including electricity and water supplies, was damaged or destroyed.

While the Israeli government had the support of British, German and American leaders, they have clearly lost control of the narrative on social media. Palestinians are winning hearts and minds at a rate we have not seen before, certainly in recent years.

We've seen politicians and celebrities speaking out against the ethnic cleansing and we have seen video footage from Palestinians on social media, painting a very different picture to that of the mainstream media. It seems that solidarity may have just saved lives.

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  1. Great piece, really entertaining, more science fiction meets pop science please!

    Some counterpoints:

    Searching space for signals is called the "cosmic haystack", we have only listened to a tiny fraction so far

    A superior god-like race could definitely have some stealth tech beyond our understanding

    We do get anomalies: "wow" and "Oumuamua"

    "We must call upon beings from other planets when they come to intervene, to collaborate with the inhabitants of the Earth to overcome misery. We must launch a call on them to use their resources to help us.”

    Long live Posadas!

    1. Hi, you've replied on the wrong article! But with regards to techno-signatures, they should only be difficult to see, if they were of a similar strength to our own. Civilisations advanced enough to build Dyson swarms would be using energy levels so high, the signs really could not be missed. You would be talking signals millions of times more powerful than anything humans have produced. And the laws of thermodynamics means that can't really be masked. Such civilisations would need to dissipate waste heat and that would leave a very obvious infra red glow.


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