G7 Warns Aid Cut Will Cost Lives: Top Tories Fail to See Downside

The Tory government has received condemnation from the G7, and even some of its own MPs, for plans to cut foreign aid from 0.7% to 0.5% of GDP. This money was to be spent on girls' education, reproductive health, HIV prevention and treatment, and humanitarian support for the genocides we are conducting in The Yemen and Syria. Basically, it was money to save lives and undo some of the damage of British imperialism, but the prime minister would rather hand that money over to his rich mates, presumably.

Fortunately, Boris Johnson faces possible defeat in the House of  Commons as some his MPs have apparently found their moral conscience (or more likely are acting upon factional opportunism and really want a role in Rory Stewart's future cabinet.)

Reptilian-in-a-human-costume David Davis has warned that: "morally, this is a devastating thing." 

Davis is understood to have looked up the word "morally" on Wikipedia, prior to defying his government, but he showed a glimpse of his reptilian scales when he added: "Historically, I am a critic of aid spending, but doing it this way is really so harmful."

In other words, Davis would and would not like to cut aid spending. He is a conviction politician, just like wor Keith.

Puzzlingly, I understand Theresa May is also trying on her human costume to join the rebels, but she really is fooling no one. We can still see the horns, Theresa. 

Regardless, the Tories tearing themselves apart can only be a good thing, and the whole drama presents the perfect opportunity for the leader of the opposition to capitalise and gain some of the 36 points he needs to get 20 points ahead. 

Any comment to make, Keith? What's that? You're still consulting your focus groups?

Palm meets face.

The government has defended the popularity of the foreign aid cut, but sadly, by "popularity," I suspect they mean popular among flag shaggers who say "Let's help our own first" and then refuse to help our own and spend their days raging against benefits claimants on social media. 

"Let's help our own billionaires!" they were meant to say.

The cut amounts to £4 billion, or roughly 1/10 of the amount the Tories gave Serco to make a broken Test and Trace system. Perhaps, if desperate people in one of the countries we've looted rebranded themselves as a corporation and donated a fiver to the Conservative Party, they might get offered a few billion quid extra. It's always worth a try.

The Tories have boasted they will still spend £10 billion on foreign aid this year, but no word, as of yet, if they plan to return the crown jewels or the contents of the British Museum to their rightful owners. They have also clarified the aid budget will be restored to 0.7% of GDP as soon as the fiscal situation is restored, which will probably be never, given how this lot are butchering the economy.

G7 leaders are appalled to discover Britain is the only member country which is cutting foreign aid this year. Clearly, they are blissfully unaware the Tories spent 11 years culling our citizens through austerity and are now taking their mass culling program worldwide.

Britain's wealth is built upon the exploitation of poor countries and foreign aid is basically our government putting sticking plasters over the bullet wounds of corporate greed. Now, we're telling the victims they're getting a smaller sticking plaster.

So, let's at least help our own, guys, right? I'm hungry, can I get some support, please?

No, fuck off, scrounger! they reply.

Let's be clear, this reduction in foreign aid is no more about reducing the UK's national deficit than austerity was. Remember the decade of poverty wages and broken services we endured to get us back to budget surplus and instead the deficit almost trebled? 

Well, the government has another excuse to do the same again - this time it's not the worldwide recession, it's the global pandemic, but the end result will be that you get poorer, your public services get worse, and while "we're all in this together," the rich will get ever richer. This is another shameless Tory cash grab and one which will murder some of the most vulnerable people on Earth.

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