Friday, 11 June 2021

Michael Gove Chooses Own Punishment After Breaking the Law

Michael Gove has proudly announced he has chosen his own punishment, after a court found him guilty of illegally handing a £500,000 government contract to his mates. You will be pleased to hear the punishment Michael has chosen for himself is no punishment at all!

Michael apparently did not expect the High Court to take such a purist attitude to the law, which I'm pretty sure is a fancy way of saying the judge applied the law. 

Clearly, the High Court was unaware government ministers are, in fact, above the law and should face no consequences for their actions. Thankfully though, Michael is well aware of this principle, which is why he is adamant he will not resign. I mean what's £500,000 between friends?

Let's not forget, Michael Gove also admitted taking cocaine as Education Secretary, yet he banned teachers from their profession for life for taking recreational drugs. Nothing happened to Michael because he said he was, "very, very sorry," and just decided he would keep his job.

Just imagine, for a moment, a murderer choosing his own punishment.

"I've decided I should face no time in prison, your honour!"

Must be nice, eh?

The £500,000 contract was handed to a company called Public First (not Britain First, that's something entirely different, I think) so they could help the government figure out which public health messages would be most effective. 

From what I've gathered, their job was basically to talk to focus groups and report back to the cabinet, so not a real job then. Yet the government has absurdly suggested no one was capable of doing the job, other than Public First, which is why they were handed the contract. Nothing to do with the owners being pally with government figures, or that Dominic Cummings made the recommendation, having personally known them for decades.

The Tories have clarified no one should resign because the High Court did not rule any personal bias was shown in the decision making. Only this point is misleading because the High Court was not asked to rule on the issue of personal bias. It was simply asked to rule on whether the proper legal process was followed. And it wasn't. The law was broken.

The High Court actually ruled that "apparent bias" was shown (I'm confused too) because it appeared the personal relationships of Gove and Cummings played a key role in securing the contract. 

The Tories have been giving one contract after another to their mates in the "VIP lane" and each time they're caught out, absolutely nothing happens. They are taking the piss out of us, literally looting the country, and it seems there is nothing we can do to stop them. The High Court can tell them their behaviour was naughty, but it's absolutely toothless when it comes to handing out punishment. 

In short, the law is a joke and we don't have a real democracy.

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