The Tories Are Gerrymandering Our Constituency Boundaries

The Boundary Commission has drawn up proposals to make constituency boundaries "fairer" by giving each MP roughly the same number of constituents.

What this means in practice is that Scotland, Wales, the northeast and northwest - basically every region/nation less likely to vote Tory - will lose seats. Their people will have even less of a voice. The Tory-voting southeast, on the other hand, will get more seats and an even louder voice. 

Well, of course, they will. You didn't think the establishment believed in fair play, did you?

Here is who loses out:

  • The northeast will lose 2 seats
  • The northwest will lose 2 seats
  • The west midlands will lose 2 seats
  • Scotland will lose 2 seats
  • Wales will lose a shocking 8 seats
Here is who gains:
  • London will gain 2 seats
  • The southwest will gain 3 seats
  • The southeast will gain 7 seats
By law, each constituency will now have between 69,724 and 77,062 constituents each, but special dispensation will be given to islands such as the Isle of Wight. About 90% of constituency boundaries are set to be redrawn, with new constituencies often crossing county borders, and many of those seats will be renamed. Unsurprisingly, the changes have come in for huge criticism.

The proposals were made because the Tories have insisted the existing boundaries favour their political opponents, which is patently nonsense. We currently have an electoral system where the Tories can lose the popular vote by 2 or 3% and still win a general election. 

This means all the Tories have to do is pander to their southern base and they have clear advantage over the other parties, who must work much harder to win seats. This is one of the key criticisms of our outdated First Past The Post system. It would be much harder to rig an election in your favour under Proportional Representation.

For example, under FPTP, it took:
  • The Tories 34,153 votes to win a seat
  • Labour 40,174 votes to win a seat
  • The Lib Dems 300,000 votes to win a seat
  • The Greens 1.2 million votes to win a seat
This is what a rigged system looks like and the situation's only going to get worse if these boundary proposals go ahead. We are going to see some Tory seats become even safer seats and some of the seats held by other parties disappear altogether. The changes are expected to come into effect in 2023 and the proposals are only likely to be changed/cancelled if there is sufficient public outcry.

The biggest problem with my local northeast is that Tory rule is forever imposed on our region and this means permanent neglect and lack of investment. Public spending is always diverted towards the more affluent (but still highly imbalanced) southeast of England. The same can be said for the other regions/nations which are set to be impacted by these changes.

The north/south divide is a very deliberate and unnecessary construct. Us northerners get ignored and neglected, just like the Scots and Welsh do, and now the Tories will have even less of an incentive to represent us. 

They can simply disregard the needs of my local northeast, defund our services, and exploit our workers, and there is not a damn thing we can do about it. This is not remotely fair or democratic and is precisely why there are growing calls for northern independence, as well as Scottish and Welsh independence. 

The establishment controls the BBC, the mainstream media, our right to strike and protest, our constituency boundaries, both of our major political parties, and now it is taking another step towards ensuring its power is absolute.

The only things the establishment do not have control over yet are our social media accounts and the alternative media - the voices which have ensured younger generations are not brainwashed by bullshit MSM narratives. You can bet your right arm they will be looking at ways to come for us next.

As far as I am concerned, the breakup of the United Kingdom cannot come soon enough.

We have had enough of these Tory bastards.

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