Labour MP Quits Role as Party Decides Anti-Racism Will Upset Red Wall Voters

Labour MP Marsha De Cordova has stepped down as Shadow Equalities Minister in disgust, after Sir Keir Starmer stifled her efforts to oppose racism on the basis this would upset "Red Wall" voters. De Cordova was forced to scrap a planned law to tackle racial injustice because anti-racism is apparently no longer Labour's thing.

It would seem the politicians who were outraged at the contents of the EHRC report, suddenly aren't so interested in anti-racism after all. This makes them look like cynical careerists, especially when you consider their failure to publish the Forde Report which investigates serious accusations of institutional racism and the bullying of Diane Abbott and other black MPs. It also lends weight to the suggestion of a "racism hierarchy" within the Labour Party.

De Cordova is the second black woman to step down in protest at Sir Keir Stamer's leadership, after Dawn Butler resigned from the same role last year. Make of that what you will.

Now I take exception to the Labour Party's behaviour on two levels:

Firstly, I'm a northerner myself and it's hugely offensive to suggest we're all socially conservative, knuckle-dragging racists up here! Not least because polling figures show us northerners are statistically less likely to be socially conservative than our southern counterparts. Anti-racism will not upset many people up here, but suggesting we're racists will upset an awful lot of people, actually.

Secondly, my wife is a Zimbabwean immigrant and my children are mixed-race. Does the Labour Party not understand there are plenty of non-white people up north? Is it really a party that would side with racists over anti-racists? Because what they're telling my wife and I is to take our votes elsewhere.

They seem to inhabit this imaginary timeline where all northerners are flat cap wearing stereotypes who spend their time down the pub, guzzling pints and ranting about foreigners. Not only is this stereotype massively inaccurate, but Labour has decided this inaccurate stereotype is exactly the type of person they want to represent! It's embarrassingly out of touch and exactly the type of nonsense you get when you do politics by focus group.

Northerners are tired of being patronised by posh southerners and ethnic minorities are tired of politicians shying away from racism (or even worse, actively encouraging it.) The Labour Party is showing us again and again it is not a progressive party and does not want to represent those with progressive, anti-racist views. It does, however, want those progressive votes, just like it wants those BAME votes. It is treating us with contempt and expecting to win our votes on the basis we have nowhere else to turn, but there are now options for the left, such as The Breakthrough Party, The Green Party and The Northern Independence Party.

Labour is currently jettisoning the people who voted for it in 2019 and winning over absolutely no one in the process. This is politically inept, hugely bigoted, and likely to lead to electoral catastrophe in 2024. Labour desperately needs a new leader and a change of direction.

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  1. If anti-racism is no longer a thing with Starmers Labour, what is all this anti-Semitism? I thought that was about racism, or is it just being used as a scam to expel members that they don't like as they are on the left of the party. #ItWasAScam


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