National Insurance Rise: The Tories Have Declared War on the Young

The Tories needed £36 billion to "clear the NHS backlog and fund social care", and instead of asking Serco for a refund on their bodged Test and Trace program, they kindly decided to hike up your National Insurance contributions.

What this means is that younger people are protecting rich, older people's homes because they aren't paying for their social care, we are. And even worse, they could quite easily have asked billionaires to pay more tax instead, but no, they targeted the poor as usual, leaving mostly under-40s drowning in the Thatcherite Dystopia they created.

To be fair, some Tories have come out against the move, but hilariously they've gone with the exact wrong take. They've decided that capitalists being capitalists is actually socialism! That's right, they're calling this latest move socialism. They're a very confused bunch. If only they understood socialism is the exact opposite of what the Tories have done, we might get somewhere, but I'm afraid these people are a lost cause. Their brains have been completely frazzled by "Migrant Dinghy Rage" - that's a real actual syndrome that I'm the first person to diagnose.

The stats on this make for laughable reading:

Every demographic under 65 is strongly opposed to the Tories' latest move, but most of the over-65s think it's quite a marvellous idea, actually. Apologies to the despairing members of the boomer generation who are shaking their heads in disbelief at what their peers are doing. I know you're on our side, but sadly you are very much in the minority on this one.

The demographic who vote Tory in huge numbers and don't pay National Insurance and have supported an economic system which left a huge black hole in our essential services through sheer greed have decided the best way to remedy the situation is to make you pay. There is literally no sense of shared responsibility with these people. They simply want to protect the properties they paid about £3,000 for, which are now worth £600,000, and it never even occurred to them that we didn't even have to look at selling their houses.

Don't get me wrong, selling second homes to pay for social care would be perfectly fine in my view, but that didn't even need to happen. We could have targeted billionaires and corporations who've seen their wealth rise by about 60% during the pandemic, but sadly the Tory majority of the boomer population had their minds poisoned by Murdoch rags to the point they think it's fairer to hammer the poor than to ask the super-rich to contribute.

Now I was never in favour of forcing an ordinary working class person to sell their home to pay for social care, but the Tories certainly were. It's just the Tories realised hardly anyone under 50 can actually become a home owner under the current economic system, meaning the system was unsustainable in the long term. Plus, they didn't want to sell their own properties when the time comes, so they decided the people they've screwed out of home ownership should be screwed again. 

The people who are already paying for their landlords' properties through tenancy agreements they had no choice but to enter into, are now being forced to pay more in National Insurance so those same wealthy people, who are getting their properties paid for several times over, can pass those properties onto their children who can then continue the cycle of exploitation. 

It's a system in which the privileged remain endlessly privileged and the working class are squeezed to the maximum possible extent. And it's the very opposite of what we were promised. Brexit was supposed to give us a £350 million a week dividend to pay for the NHS. Later, the Tories revised that figure up to £600 million a week! Now it turns out Brexit is actually costing us £600 million a week, and suddenly, we can't even buy things like sewage treatment chemicals, let alone pay for the NHS. I still can't believe the Brexit bus lied to us!

The Tories know young people aren't going to vote for them, and they know that, right now, they don't need their votes, but they also know that further down the line, they will have a problem as older Tories die off. This is why they are introducing voter suppression tactics like mandatory voter ID. Younger voters and poorer voters are much less likely to have ID and these just happen to be the demographics that are much less likely to vote Tory. Our democracy is being stolen from us, just as much as our wealth is being stolen from us.

The wealth share in this country makes for grim reading. This infographic from the Resolution Foundation might be a few years old but paints an accurate picture, only things have gotten worse over the last 5 years. Just look at the wealth share of the under-40s who are being hammered by the National Insurance increase.

Tory boomers basically voted for themselves to own everything at the expense of younger people, and in the process, they took away every mechanism designed to give the underprivileged a fighting chance. They enjoyed their free higher education, then decided that today's working class students would enter working life crippled by debt. Just think about that - graduates start their first job with negative money - and so many bright and talented kids are prevented from even entering into higher education in the first place, meaning we have so much wasted potential.

Tory boomers also decided their generation should own all the houses, and they should stop council house building, meaning that younger people would be forced to become their tenants and give them half their income. And now it gets even worse. Those same people who've screwed over younger voters every way they can, simply because they outnumber them at the voting booth, have now decided that younger voters should pay for their social care in order to protect their property portfolios. 

You aren't allowed to own your own house because their children are going to inherit ten houses, or maybe twenty houses, or thirty, and then you are going to give half your wages to those children for no reason. You're basically paying for a house several times over throughout your lifetime without actually owning it. And no, you fucking can't have pets!

The Tory answer to everything is always to squeeze the poor further. They don't know what it's like to face genuine poverty, to not know if you'll have a roof over your head next month, to be so hungry you're picking mould off your bread and watering down your milk to make it last a few days longer. And their warped sense of reality means they've decided it's fairer to let CEOs have so much surplus income they're building spaceships, than  to let the young have a living wage or stable working hours or even toilet breaks.

Amazon's sales revenue was £20.5 billion last year and they only paid £492 million in tax, which is a little over 2% of their revenue. Imagine being incredibly rich and only paying 2% income tax. Would be nice, wouldn't it? But no, you're probably picking mould off your bread, and what's worse, you could well be an Amazon employee yourself and you're still picking mould off your bread, because not only are they not paying their fair share in taxes, they're ripping off their own employees and expecting the tax payer to top up their salaries.

To reiterate: Amazon is not paying enough tax and yet we're subsidising their wage bill. They should be paying us, but actually we're paying them.

And consider care workers who are being paid poverty wages and will now take home less pay to cover the costs of the people they're caring for. Tell me this is not a rigged system.

Everyone below upper-middle-class is finding things hard to one extent or another, but the young are finding it damn near impossible because not only are they almost all broke, but even under-40s who have a Master's Degree (like my wife) still have no light at the end of the tunnel, because in most places opportunity just isn't a thing that exists anymore.

We have created an economic system where the young are supporting the wealth and luxury of a large chunk of the older population while the poorer members of the older population are treated as useless eaters and essentially left to rot. Far from being a meritocracy, modern Britain is a place where most people only "get ahead" (a horrible term in itself) if a privileged older person allows them to. 

Modern Britain is a place of endless class warfare and it's a war the working class are losing quite catastrophically and the casualties are overwhelmingly young people having their dreams snuffed out by the Tories' insatiable greed.

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