Prince Charles "Cash-for-Honour" Scandal: Why Do We Still Have A Royal Family?

Prince Charles is the latest member of the royal family to be involved in a scandal after Saudi businessman Mahfouz Marei Mabarak, who donated £1.5 million to his charities, was given an honorary OBE. The prince's aide, Michael Fawcett, has temporarily stepped down from his role as chief executive of The Prince's Foundation due to the alleged "cash-for-honour" scandal. Mabarak denies he paid money for his title, but whether this was an explicit agreement or just a prince (sorry, prince's aide) rewarding one of his biggest donors, it looks seriously dodgy either way.

The Sunday Times (apologies for quoting a Murdoch rag) reported that: "Mahfouz Marei Mubarak bin Mahfouz paid tens of thousands of pounds to fixers with links to the prince who had told him they could secure the honour."

Given the evidence The Sunday Times has acquired, surely this needs to be treated as a criminal matter, and if Charles was involved, he should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. It's all well and good saying Michael Fawcett has stepped down, but are we really expected to believe this is as deep as it goes? Are we expected to believe a royal aide could give out an OBE in this manner without the knowledge of Charles or other powerful people? It would appear that Fawcett is being used as the fall guy.

The Prince's Foundation has, of course, promised to investigate the matter, and it will, of course, find the prince completely innocent. It's good to see the establishment is allowed to mark its own homework.

Leaving aside the guilt or innocence of Fawcett and Mabarak, it's reasonable to say anyone who is paying attention, knows the UK honours system is corrupt and used to reward financial donors and anyone who does the establishment's bidding. Even if we ignore the corruption, just the very idea of giving a title to someone and implying this person is better than the rest of us is nonsense, but the prospect of rich people bribing their way to a title is unacceptable.

Our honours system is corrupt, our royal family is corrupt, and our government is corrupt. The entire system is set up so rich people can share wealth and power while shutting the rest of us out. It's about maintaining a hierarchy where the royal family can get a £300 million yacht while ordinary people eat from foodbanks. They hide behind charities to pretend they're the good guys, but poverty is a bullet wound inflicted by their privilege and charity is the sticking plaster they expect us to be grateful for. It's a way of deflecting attention away from the corruption, a way of virtue signalling while they live in palaces and hoard stolen jewels.

The honours system should be abolished, just like the royal family should be abolished. It would appear quite plausible we have a corrupt prince and a paedophile prince. On top of that, we have a queen who married a white supremacist and decided her grandson marrying a black woman was beyond the pale. She stripped that grandson of his titles, but not the friend of Jeffrey Epstein, because in Britain you can be credibly accused of raping underage victims of sex trafficking and keep your title, you can be a wealthy businessman and buy your title, but what you can't be, what you're not allowed to be, is a prince who sees a woman of a different race as someone who can be loved. That is not the way of the royal family. It is not the way of empire.

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