The Tories Are Using Voter ID to Marginalise the Young and Rig Our "Democracy"

The government is introducing voter ID via the Elections Bill to suppress the youth vote and the working class vote. They are also stripping the Electoral Commission of most of its powers and handing those powers directly to ministers. This means our electoral system is losing much of its independent oversight.

You might ask yourself why a party with such a huge majority would do this, but recent by-elections suggest the Tory vote is surprisingly soft in places. Their vote share in some seats has fallen significantly, including by 13.5% in the most recent by-election. Sure, the Tories have a consistent poll lead, but this seems to be as much about the under-performance of the Labour Party as anything else. 

People are getting fed up with the charlatan Boris Johnson and his endless lies. If Labour, or even another party such as the surging Greens, can inspire the young, the Tories could be losing many seats at the next election.

The Tories are painfully aware that demographics are changing, not least because their mismanagement of the pandemic means their voters are dying out at a higher rate than before. Sorry to be so grim, but this is an undeniable and relevant fact. 

The working class have shorter life expectancy, meaning the older the age bracket, the more likely a person is to vote Tory. Wealthy Tories have typically lived many years longer than the poor, but the pandemic is levelling things out.

On top of this, the youth are showing no signs of embracing Tory rule, and while social media has no doubt played a role in their radicalisation, the biggest factor is the Tories have simply cut the youth out. They are not representing them. They're demanding they work their zero hours contracts and cram themselves into HMOs and wait quietly for capitalism to scorch the Earth, and they're terrified that many young people are rising up. The climate protests are a perfect example of the youth finding their political voice and the Tories desperately need a counter-balance. 

We are only allowed democracy until it becomes inconvenient to the establishment.

The Tories have no desire to represent the youth because that would mean sacrificing some of their capital, relinquishing a degree of their power, making the system a little less rigged, and they quite like their rigged system actually. The system works marvelously for wealthy Tories.

The government plans to accept the elderly Travel Pass as valid voter ID, but not a younger person's Rail Card. Both are photo IDs with very similar application requirements, but one demographic is more likely to be Tory than the other. This is how voter suppression works. It has been going on for years in America. In Texas, for example, you can use your gun license for voter ID, but not your student ID, because gun owners are more likely to be conservative, whereas students tend to be left-leaning.

While the government is pledging free ID cards to those who do not have photo ID, even they acknowledge these will take time to roll out and the process will be expensive. They know the people who don't have acceptable photo ID tend to be poor, working class and left-wing. These are demographics who already feel disenfranchised and only those strongly motivated to vote will go through a lengthy application process. This is what this is ultimately about. People who have photo ID face no barrier to voting, but those who don't have photo ID (and are likely to be left-wing) will now face a barrier. The plan is to reduce the likelihood of these people voting, of ensuring they remain disenfranchised and don't demand representation from our politicians. We need to get these people angry enough to make a stand because the Tories are counting on our hopelessness and apathy.

Voter ID will cost up to £180 million a decade to tackle the non-existent problem of voter fraud. At a typical general election, you're looking at less than ten examples of voter impersonation, but voter ID trials have resulted in thousands of people being denied their vote. Scale this up to the entire nation and you'll be looking at hundreds of thousands of people being turned away. Regardless of your political affiliation, if you care about democracy, this should concern you.

Two million people currently do not have acceptable photo ID, including 5% of disabled people. Northerners are seven times less likely to have photo ID than southerners. Yep, it's the north/south divide again. The figures also show members of ethnic minorities are about 30% less likely to have photo ID, meaning this policy is racist as well as ageist.

It's undeniable that younger people are significantly less likely to vote Tory than older generations. Before any ageing socialists pounce on me and suggest I'm accusing them of being Tories(!), just look at the below figures, courtesy of YouGov. 

The young are socialists, overwhelmingly, and older generations are predominantly conservatives - a young Tory is as rare as an old socialist. We're not attacking the elderly when we point this out, we're fighting for you. 

The Tories are hammering older people, removing the triple lock on the lowest state pension in Europe, and sorry to be grim again, but they're sacrificing your peers to the pandemic. The Tories see the elderly working class as useless eaters and they want rid of you. They see you as nothing more than a pensions bill that needs to be cut. 

When they're suppressing the youth vote, they're not just attacking the young, they're indirectly attacking the old. They're taking steps to ensure you don't get to escape the misery of Tory rule either. They're stealing your democracy too.

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