The Pandora Papers Show the UK Operates Like a "Banana Republic"

Picture a Latin American country, if you will. It could be any country, perhaps Venezuela or Bolivia or Peru or any other country with a left-wing leader and an abundance of natural resources. Now imagine this country was facing civil unrest and widespread protests... 

Imagine this country was introducing laws to crack down on the right to protest.

Imagine video footage showed this country's police brutalising peaceful protesters, again and again.

Imagine this country was giving soldiers and undercover cops the right to murder with impunity.

Imagine women in this country were being told to resist arrest from murderer cops.

Imagine this country was violating the internationally-recognised human rights of refugees.

Imagine sports stars in this country were condemned by the government for protesting systemic racism.

Imagine this country controlled the opposition and media who were all singing from the same song sheet.

Imagine leaked documents showed this country's elite were guilty of widespread tax avoidance.

Imagine billionaires were paying the government so they could write their own laws and loopholes.

Imagine journalists were getting locked up whenever they embarrassed the state by reporting the truth.

Imagine an award-winning journalist being prepared for extradition to a country which has plotted to assassinate him.

Imagine this country's economy going into free fall while all this was happening.

Imagine this country was experiencing food shortages, fuel shortages and worker shortages.

Imagine this country achieved all this without illegal US sanctions and a decades long embargo.

The leader of such a country would be overthrown faster than you could say "regime change" and Juan Guaido would already have declared himself rightful leader! But we are not talking about a Latin American country, of course, we are talking about one of the most corrupt and hypocritical countries on Earth. We are talking about the tax avoidance capital of the world. We are talking about the UK.

12 million leaked documents known as the Pandora Papers reveal that world leaders are engaging in widespread tax avoidance and money laundering with the UK at the epicentre. This will come as a huge shock to anyone with the memory of a goldfish who can't remember the Panama Papers from a few years back. Or the FinSec Papers, or the Paradise Papers, or LuxLeaks. What these papers essentially show is the UK economy, and indeed the world economy, is just one huge scam which enables rich people to hoover up all the money by exploiting loopholes they themselves have written.

As the Guardian stated:

"The leaked records vividly illustrate the central coordinating role London plays in the murky offshore world. The UK capital is home to wealth managers, law firms, company formation agents and accountants. All exist to serve their ultra-rich clients. Many are foreign-born tycoons who enjoy “non-domicile” status, which means they pay no tax on their overseas assets."

It's been revealed that 95,000 offshore firms have been set up to exploit legal loopholes that honestly, no one has any idea how they got there(!) and rich people have been using these loopholes to buy UK properties in secret and not pay what they rightfully owe. The people who are so rich they don't even need more money are refusing to contribute what they should during an international crisis, and if that doesn't enrage you, then you seriously need to drop the serf mentality.

The UK government has repeatedly promised to set up a register of offshore property owners to track potential money launderers, but conveniently someone keeps forgetting to do this. Easy mistake to make. In entirely unrelated news, donors to the Conservative Party are among those named in the papers...

In a rare moment of actual journalism, the BBC reported this story and were quick to point out how the Azerbaijan president Ilham Aliyev has looted his country to the tune of at least £400 million - the scumbag - but they were not so eager to highlight the Tories have looted the UK to the tune of £ billions. To be fair to the BBC though, they did point out the Aliyevs have sold a property to the Crown Estate, making a profit of £31 million in the process. Yes, the Queen appears to be involved in this too...

No wonder Britain gets called the tax avoidance capital of the world.

You will be pleased to hear HMRC will be reviewing the Pandora Papers, because we all know the government is fantastic at marking its own homework, just like the opposition is, actually. I wonder if this corrupt little island will see a report into the Panama Papers before the Forde Report is published?

Some are speculating these papers were leaked by the US government, given they apparently name politicians from every nation in the world... apart from the US... 35 current or former world leaders and 300 officials are named, but not a single one of them is American? Hmmm.

Somewhat surprisingly, the current Labour leader seems rather silent about one of his predecessors - Tony Blair - avoiding £312,000 in stamp duty on a £6.45 million London property. This was perfectly legal, of course, but from an ethical standpoint, it looks abysmal, and is yet another indication of the Labour centre absolutely being part of the establishment.

And for a country that's happy to sanction Universal Credit claimants if they're two minutes late for an appointment, our willingness to just accept this as the way things are is deeply worrying. Perhaps, if we renamed tax avoidance as "elite benefit fraud" or something, the penny might finally drop. Estimates suggest tax avoidance and tax evasion cost between ten and one hundred times more than benefit fraud. Apparently, one third of our GDP finds its way into offshore tax havens. And we wonder why the government tells us they can't possibly afford to keep the Universal Credit uplift?

This is what a rigged economy looks like. And your food inflation, your soaring energy costs, your loss of work rights, fuel shortages and stagnating wages are all connected. None of it is coincidental.

While you stay poor, no matter how hard you graft, the wealth of the 1% keeps endlessly soaring. There is no future point in our economy where the proceeds of our labour will be shared with ordinary plebs like you because that is not part of the plan. The plan for you is to work yourself to death to make these people richer and you will never get so much as a thank you. And to make matters worse, every time there is an economic crisis - a crisis of their making - you are going to be squeezed further to pay for it. 

You are going to be asked to tighten your belt while we bail out failing energy companies which charge rip-off prices. You are going to be asked to sacrifice more of your NHS to pay for their Covid mismanagement. And all the while, the people who are flying around in personalised spaceships are going to tell us there is no other way.

The thing people need to understand is the money is there. It's there for everything we need. It's there in overabundance. But we're not allowed access to the money our labour created, even during a crisis, even when people are dying because the world is ruled by sociopaths whose only goal is to plunder and hoard while the planet burns. 

They gave us Brexit because the EU was clamping down on tax avoidance. They destroyed Jeremy Corbyn because he was going to do the same. The establishment will destroy anyone and anything that gets in the way of their rigged system. At what point do we open our eyes?

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