The odds on Boris Johnson becoming our next prime minister have shortened to 6/4 and things are changing so quickly, they might have shortened further by the time you read this article. This is because Johnson is edging closer to the 100 nomination threshold and lots of Tory MPs such as Ben Wallace are publicly backing him. 

I'm unclear how many backers Johnson currently has because I've seen reports he has 52, but I've read a credible report he only has 32 and this was published in the last hour. But it's clear Johnson is one of the frontrunners and could well be our next prime minister.

Any Tory MP who meets the 100 nomination threshold will face a vote with the Tory membership, assuming there are at least two candidates, and the most popular candidate will be the winner. The most popular candidate with the Tory membership is Boris Johnson.

It seems the Tory Party has not had enough of the buffoon act and we really could be looking at Boris Johnson part two. This is brilliant news for the Tory Party, right? I mean he's the guy with the public mandate, the one who trounced Corbyn, so why wouldn't they want him back?

Obviously, we are not all idiots and many sensible people are panicking. Richard Burgon is tabling a motion so that a general election would be triggered when a government is this unpopular and clinging to power. The Lib Dems are tabling a motion so that someone who was found guilty of breaking the law while serving as prime minister can't stand again. This all seems rather sensible.

Boris Johnson has lied approximately 80 times in parliament without correcting the record and you would think he should set the record straight if he were to stand again. And let's not forget that among the many dreadful things Johnson did in his time as prime minister, he resigned for knowingly promoting a sex offender. That's a pretty fucking big deal. It seems astonishing to me that the people who spend their time banging on about Asian grooming gangs are totally okay with this.

And let's not forget about Johnson's body count. While it may be impossible to definitively say how many people died as a result of his decisions, we know that in 2020 so many old people died, the pensions bill was reduced by £600 million.

And while Truss was blaming everything on Putin, we should not forget that Johnson spent half his time partying with the Lebedevs and one of them is in the House of Lords. The Tories took a £200,000 donation from the wife of Putin's former finance minister who also paid £160,000 for a tennis match with Johnson. He is dripping with corruption and backed by dark money.

Obviously, I as a leftist should be horrified by the prospect of Johnson's return and on one level I am, but this really could be a blessing in disguise, because it could be the thing that finally kills the Tory Party.

Boris Johnson is currently being investigated by the Privileges Committee for misleading parliament. Unless he plans to abolish the committee, which is entirely plausible with this guy, he could well be in serious trouble. Journalists are reporting the evidence against him is so damning that if he does return, he will likely be gone by Christmas. Johnson really could be the first prime minister to resign in disgrace twice and shockingly, could even have a second honour's list.

While some have lamented the resignation of Truss because she was leading the Tories to electoral wipeout, a second Johnson resignation could do even more damage. And if Johnson tries to stop the inquiry, the public outcry would be huge, considering 52% of the public are already opposed to his return.

William Hague has suggested that trying to stop the inquiry into Johnson's lies could be the thing that destroys the Tory Party. This means there are two ways the party could die, or at the very least be devastatingly crippled.

Whatever happens, a second Johnson premiership would likely see walkouts from some Tory MPs and rebellion from others. A second Johnson resignation would make the party ungovernable and a general election inevitable.

One unexpected benefit is this could boost the argument for proportional representation, potentially improving our flawed democracy in the process. The Labour left is hanging by a thread, the Tory Party could well split into three, and all of this could be good for the country. No longer would we be governed by parties in a state of civil war and instead by coalitions of smaller parties working in the national interest. 

Obviously, I know all of this is far from guaranteed and the Labour leader is no fan of PR, but I feel it at least offers food for thought. One thing is for certain, we are entering turbulent times and no one knows what is coming next, but we need to find a way to unite this nation.

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