Dear Liz Truss, Jeremy Hunt or whoever is running the country right now, 

I would like you to kindly explain how you expect families who were already on the breadline to pay bills that have gone up by hundreds of pounds a month. While you're at it, please explain what you are doing to stop thousands of families from becoming homeless as a direct result of the shitshow you've caused for absolutely no reason. I'm sorry, correction: that you've caused to enrich a tiny handful of hedge fund managers.

I really shouldn't be addressing these questions to you at all, because the only place you should be answering any questions is behind the dock, but thanks to our flawed "democracy" which enabled your party to not only wreck our country without a public mandate but remain in power, I'm forced to address you because you're the only option I've got.

People are stressed up to the eyeballs and they're stressed because you put them into an impossible position for no good reason, and no amount of blaming Putin will allow you to wriggle out of this one. We are looking at 15.2-16.65 million people in poverty, which would be the highest figure since records began, and we are looking at a doubling of home repossessions this coming winter.

A cynical person might suggest this whole thing was deliberate, that your plan was to drive up prices and interest rates so that everyone loses their homes and your landlord mates can buy up the housing stock and rent it back to them.

If there is any truth in that statement you deserve a very long time behind bars, but let's give you the benefit of the doubt and assume this is all the result of staggering economic illiteracy - the type which means you're not qualified to work behind a supermarket till let alone run a country's finances (apologies to shop workers). Even if this is simply the result of economic illiteracy, the fact remains an awful lot of people are about to become homeless because of you.

And by you, I mean both of you and the rest of your wretched party. Mr Hunt might be putting himself forward as the saviour of our nation's finances, but I'm pretty sure he not only voted for, but applauded the mini-budget that sent the markets into chaos. So yes, Mr Hunt, you absolutely own this mess too.

So many people will be going cold this winter, including 2.8 million from older households, and to make matters worse, you're cutting back on the inadequate protections you'd put in place. The energy price cap (which was already set far too high) is now only set to last one winter instead of two. France and Germany are sorting their energy prices out so why can't you? And why are you talking about cutting the public services you've already cut to the bone?

Here is what you are supposed to do:

Tax. The. Rich.
Tax the rich.
You know the rich people? Tax them!

If they really give a shit about the public, they will gladly be taxed at 70%, 80%, even 90% to get us through this crisis. If they are the patriots they claim to be, they will pay whatever you tell them to pay, but this is not your approach, is it? Sure you're increasing their taxes a little, but nowhere near enough, which is why you're making poor people pay again.

So tell me, why are the people who never benefitted from your policies expected to pay the price for those policies? Why are the public services that were gutted to enrich corporations being gutted some more, instead of you clawing money back from those corporations? 

My energy bills are rising to £450 a month and we're in £500 of debt with British Gas which means my one-year-old is wearing a coat around the house and it's not even winter. Am I right in assuming your house will not be cold? That your cupboards will not be empty? That you will not be suffering any of the consequences of your actions? I thought you were the party of personal responsibility?

It's not just our energy bills going through the roof either, it's our food bills which have risen by 12.6%. And please, for the love of god, don't patronise us about two-for-one deals or shopping around for the best offers. Thrift is part of our daily life and now our shopping baskets are getting emptier and our days between shopping are getting longer. The nation's children are getting hungry and again, this is happening because of the mini-budget you lot fucking applauded. 

I was a council estate kid raised by a single mother who ended up homeless, but I've never seen a shitshow like this in my lifetime. I'm fortunate enough to be a homeowner now, but I doubt I will remain one for much longer. We could never have bought on our own. We were incredibly lucky that my retired in-laws were able to pay our deposit. The house itself is a cheap ex-council house that is falling apart, but at least it's ours. It's the one thing that gives us a sliver of freedom in these dark and miserable times you have the gall to call "sunlit uplands". 

Prior to this, we experienced the misery of private tenancies, rip-off landlords trying to steal our money, mould-ridden houses and no-fault eviction. It would seem you want to force us back into that misery and you want to do the same to many others.

"Just work harder," you will probably tell us so let me explain the trap: I had to quit my last job because my entire salary was going on childcare and while we were struggling, guess who my wife was working for: your government. Yes, your own employees can't afford to live now. Does that make you feel proud?

We were earning more money than most people we know around here and yet it still wasn't enough. Hence we have a million repairs that need doing, including missing tiles on the roof that are letting in water and probably doing structural damage. The point is we were forced into an impossible situation and this is why you lot drive me mental when you talk about "aspiration". What fucking aspiration? You've drained the life force out of people and made it impossible for families to function.

Today, we work just as hard as we ever did, but now our money doesn't go half as far. My wife and I work from home which is a miracle because otherwise, I don't think we'd survive, and you bastards want to force people back into the office? Seriously. Fuck. Off. We could not afford the travel expenses, let alone the childcare.  

What we are witnessing is the logical conclusion of the Thatcherite policies which have been imposed upon the working class who never supported those policies because we suffered from them. 

You were always doing this to us, it's just that previously you were doing it slower in the hope people wouldn't notice, kind of like a frog slowly being boiled alive. But now you've gone too fast and everyone has noticed and I'm guessing that is your only regret. If your regret was the hurt you've caused, you wouldn't be ushering in more austerity, you'd be changing course.

Let's not forget the consequences of Austerity 1.0

  • 600,000 more children in poverty
  • Over 1 million foodbank users
  • Investment in affordable homes cut by 60%
  • £6,000 reduction in welfare payments due to the "benefits cap"
  • Rough sleeping numbers quadrupled
  • Significant rise in depression and other mental health conditions
  • 333,000 excess deaths
  • Public sector pay cap, meaning real-terms pay cuts
  • Disproportionate impact on women and minorities
  • Closure of 800 libraries and 64 museums

It's so easy for you, isn't it? You can just pretend everything's on the mend because you're protected from your actions, so I tell you what, I will do the same. I'll pretend everything's okay too.

I'll tell my one-year-old daughter that Odey Asset Management has seen its shares rise from your mini-budget as she wears a coat in the house to keep warm.

I'll tell my 60-year-old widowed neighbour with a serious heart condition that corporations saw their profits double as you ponder cutting disability allowance.

I'll tell the worn-out parents at the local foodbank that you are "growing the economy" as food inflation hits 13%.

I'll tell the elderly couple next door to reminisce about ice on windows because you're removing the energy price cap next April.

I'll tell my two boys you're "balancing the books" when they can't watch TV or play videogames because our energy bills are £450 a month.

I'll tell the people with medical equipment in their homes it's Putin's fault when we're sitting in the dark for four hours during the winter blackouts and absolutely fuck all is changing.

I will happily tell them all of this, if you can look me in the eye and say they deserve to pay for your fantasy budget with more poverty while your rich mates continue to make extraordinary sums of money. If you cannot do this, then you must immediately halt evictions, tax the rich at record levels until our finances are stabilised, and for the love of god, show some backbone and call a general election.

Kind regards


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