In yet another disastrous move, malfunctioning robot Liz Truss walked onto the podium at the Tory conference to the song "Moving On Up" by M People. The reason this was a gaffe was nothing to do with the song itself, it was because the Tories never sought permission and M People do not want to be associated with this train wreck of a government. The people who are running this country are so toxic, they can destroy any brand through association.

M People founder Mike Pickering said: "They (M people) are livid. Heather’s boy James is a Labour councillor. Hopefully, most people will know that they have pirated it off us."

Mike explained the band had spoken to lawyers, but unfortunately there is nothing that can be done legally. You would, however, think the Tories would be smart enough to seek permission before using a song and then ensure the artists were Tory supporters. After three weeks of disasters, the last thing they need is the artists saying they do not want to be associated with the government.

What was particularly interesting about the song choice was the lyrics "you've done me wrong, your time is up." It's almost like Truss's advisers are trolling her, like they are deliberately causing her maximum embarrassment because they want her gone. It's a matter of days since she did the rounds on local radio where she took an absolute mauling because the DJs are not part of the Westminster club and unafraid to say what they really think. This was another move that any sensible adviser would recommend against. Liz is either employing idiots or enemies, but either way it's very funny, even if it's also depressing because we are trapped inside this circus.

The nation was certainly used to gaffes under the Johnson government, but many of these seemed carefully calculated distractions, whereas with Truss it genuinely seems she does not have a clue what's going on - and that is deeply worrying.

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