Liz Truss and Kwasi Kwarteng have achieved the seemingly impossible by uniting so many groups against them, including many Tory voters. Everyone from the homeless to renters to homeowners to young people to middle aged to pensioners are feeling threatened by their own government. Politicians are supposed to be popular, but Truss openly declared she was "willing to be unpopular" and she wasn't kidding, was she? In fact, it might be the one time she has told the truth about anything.

Truss has even succeeded in turning the mainstream media against her. Not only has she attracted negative press from The Daily Mail, but TV interviewers are finding the courage to be much firmer, possibly inspired by local radio DJs who absolutely mauled Truss recently.

Just watch the below from Beth Rigby:

It's clear the mainstream media is pulling the plug now, but unfortunately the bath water is full of unmentionable crap and is going to be hard to drain.

Rupert Murdoch allowed The Times to expose Kwasi Kwarteng's champagne celebration after he collapsed the economy, not on principle, but because he won't back a horse that can't win. Not even the might of the Murdoch empire can keep this lot in power, but they can possibly hasten their exit and that's what they are trying to do. They are ridding themselves of a toxic brand.

Politicians can be as cruel as they like to the working class as long as they represent middle class interests and appeal to enough racist dipshits to get them over the line, but the Tory Party have forgotten that golden rule. They've failed to understand you can only go so far with pathological greed, you can only exclude so many people from the capitalism game before you face a backlash, and their greed has finally made the Tories unelectable.

Think of it like this: If you have a bowl of sweets and ten people vote on how those sweets are allocated, six of those people could vote to keep those sweets for themselves and exclude the other four. But Liz and Kwasi are keeping all the sweets for themselves and saying nobody else is getting a single one because they're lazy and stupid. The other eight kids are not going to vote for that, are they?

No wonder poll after poll is showing the Tory Party is 25-30 points behind Labour. The Tories keep scoring own goals and making KamiKwasi Kwarteng chancellor was perhaps their biggest own goal.

Whereas Liz Truss is the rabbit in the headlights who does not know what day of the week it is, Kwarteng is cunning, but not in a political way, in a brazenly crooked way. He's the guy who tips off his rich mates about his plans so they can make a killing and drinks champagne with them afterwards. You will not be surprised to hear his former employer Crispin Odey has seen the value of his hedge fund go up 145% recently. Must be nice having friend in high places, eh?

But don't worry, Kwarteng has some masterstrokes planned for the economy. For example, he wants to deregulate to such an extent that even childminders will no longer need Ofsted accreditation. Not sure about you, but I would feel totally safe with childminders being under-qualified. What could possibly go wrong?

But this is the Tory mentality through and through - it's about doing everything in the most unsafe, irresponsible manner they can get away with. Just look at how Liz Truss "ordered' King Charles to stay away from COP27 because she decided to walk back on our climate commitments. Who cares if the planet is dying? There is a few quid to be made for a handful of rich people, but even some of those rich people are saying the government is not doing enough.

Ironically, the boss of Shell suggested Truss tax energy companies more to help the poor, but thankfully Truss knows better and she is not going to do that.

According to a survey by Opinium, 71% of Tory voters from 2019 now believe the government has lost control of the economy. The remaining 29% are the type of dipshits who watch GBeebies and think Sophie Corcoran is a serious political analyst, or they're hedge fund managers who think the ongoing catastrophe is utterly brilliant. 

That's who controls the country now: disaster capitalists and dipshits. And we're stuck with this lot for two more years, unless a general election can somehow be forced. 

By the time Labour take over, there is going to be almost nothing left. This lot are on a mission to loot as much as possible - it's like what they did during the empire, but now they're doing it to their own country. It's a manifesto no one outside the Tory Party voted for and the damage they are causing could take decades to fix.

Commit benefit fraud and you can go to prison, but defraud the system to this extent and, of course, you'll get off scot-free because the crooks are the ones who make the rules. Hell, half of these crooks will probably end up in the House of Lords.

This is the kind of shit revolutions are made of and they know it. This is why Suella Braverman is saying the police should be able to use "any means necessary" to stop protesters whenever she is not rattling on about pronouns. But as laughably evil as Braverman can seem, she is relentless in her strategy of using nonsense to direct the conversation away from things that truly matter. Things like the cost of living crisis.

If action is not taken to halt evictions, there could be an awful lot of homeless people this winter, and every single person who loses their home will be a victim of the government - what's happening is daylight robbery. We've ended up with the worst possible people in charge at the worst possible time, something we're making quite a habit of. I saw an infographic recently where some political scientist reckoned the Tory Party was further right than Jair Bolsonaro's Social Liberal Party and Viktor Orban's Fidesz Party. I can easily believe this.

It's hard to see how much further right this lot can get when Braverman is telling us it's her "dream" to send people to Rwanda by Christmas and insisting she will ban people from seeking asylum if they cross the English Channel. That would be a breach of the 1951 UN Refugee Convention, but who gives a crap about international law, eh?

The Tories' economic policies, social attitudes and immigration plans are as right wing as it gets without collapsing into full on fascism. There are no redeeming features with this lot. Any Tory that even vaguely resembles a human has been pushed to the side and we are left with absolute monstrosities, but if it's any consolation, they're not inspiring their membership anymore. The atmosphere at this year's Tory conference has been truly dire. Kwarteng has embarrassed himself every time he's opened his mouth and Therese Coffey has sent everyone to sleep, quite literally.

When you can't inspire your own membership, when you lose your voter base and the wider public think you're a shambles, it's close to an extinction level event. Realistically, the Tory Party is not going to vanish, there will always be enough rich bastards willing to keep them going, but they could fade into irrelevance for a very long time.

The Tories are not even up against a particularly strong Labour Party and they still can't challenge them in the polls. They are beyond useless at this point and they can't simply go back to the "respectable" Cameron types either, because that lot failed massively too.

You know how old people love to bang on about how crap the 1970s were? People are going to be telling their grandkids about the damage this Tory Party has done, and given younger generations want nothing to do with the Tories, it's hard to see how they can rebuild.

I suspect they are fully aware of this problem. I don't think Truss believes she has a cat in hell's chance of winning in 2024 and she won't dare call a general election before then. The only way we're going to see one called is if her own party turn against her and they may well do this. If they pitch themselves as the sensible Tories who tried to end the Truss disaster, they might at least save their own political careers. This is a conversation many of them will be having right now.

Meanwhile, Truss and Kwarteng have no choice but to carry on doing what the hedge fund managers tell them to do. They may have U-turned on the 45p tax rate, but the other tax cuts are coming and the Tories are going to cut benefits to pay for them. If their policies are really so good for the economy, why do they have to cut spending so drastically? They're openly contradicting themselves.

Imagine what kind of bastard you have to be to cut benefits during the worst cost of living crisis we've seen in our lifetimes - they know they're going to kill people. It's pre-meditated social murder and yet it's not a crime.

A Tory thinktank has said that benefits cuts would save the economy £11 billion, but if Kwasi Kwarteng hadn't done his thing, the Bank of England wouldn't have had to set aside £65 billion saving the economy.

Do you have any idea how much £65 billion is? 

Led by Donkeys made a brilliant website to help you visualise how absurdly large a number it is. The website starts by showing you £1,000, then £1,000,000 and then tells you to scroll right to see £65,000,000,000. Only the visualisation is so large that you will be scrolling right for about 15 minutes to get to the end.

Those bastards are handing huge sums of our money to their rich mates when schools are telling kids to bring blankets because they can't afford to put the heating on. It's absolutely beyond me why this is not being investigated by the Serious Fraud Office, but then again, it's a government department and Tory ministers are above the law. Silly me.

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