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Welcome to our new and improved website!

Council Estate Voices is our new name. Our blog has been revamped and relaunched!

Do you like our snazzy logo? I designed it myself!

For those who are unaware, CEV is a collective blog, run exclusively by socialists with the goal of providing a voice to the voiceless, and is absolutely a Tory-free zone! We are not a company or organisation. We are simply ordinary people who have plenty to say, but nothing in the way of funds or resources. Each writer is fully responsible for their posts and their opinions do not necessarily represent other blog authors or the editor/owner. Having said that, we broadly agree on most issues, which is why we make a great team.

As many of you will know, my name is R. D. Hale. I have been doing this blogging and activism thing for quite some time and recently recruited some friends on my mission, namely Damo and Jules. You may be familiar with Damo from his popular Damo Rants videos and I'm delighted to have him on board. Jules is someone I've worked with on another website and I'm confident her contributions will prove invaluable. Most recently, Mr Topple of Canary fame and the legendary Rachael Swindon have agreed to write weekly columns for CEV.

I'm sure you will agree that's quite a team!

We are actively looking to bring in new writers and you can email me at with your submissions. Please keep the topics original, let your personality shine through and show good attention to detail, including fully sourced facts, and there's a good chance your submission will be accepted.

The cool thing about this website is that writers keep every penny their articles make. 100%. They don't pay me a fee for editing or running the website and that's the way it will always stay. While no-one is getting rich any time soon (writing earnings are meagre at best), even the most modest of donations will help our team continue. 

Obviously, we know most of our audience are struggling like we are, and we would never expect a monetary donation from anyone who can't afford it. However, if you can afford a small tip, it will always be gratefully received. Alternatively, you can share an article on social media to help its visibility. Support can come in many forms and the best support you can offer is simply to read our work!

Any donations I myself receive will prove invaluable in maintaining and updating this website. Funds permitting, I would like to hire a professional web designer and graphic designer as presently I'm doing all this technical stuff myself and I'm no technical expert! My long term goal is to turn this site into a fully professional outfit where my writers are paid a wage, rather than depending on tips. We're a long way from that point at the moment, but even small subscriptions of one or two pounds a month could help massively in that regard.

Please support if you can.

Donations are greatly received

Thank you for your support


  1. Typical Socialist parasite - always after someone else's money. Fucking scrounger.

    1. Oh wow, people might donate a couple bucks to an in depth well researched article about a topic they find interest in. Such socialism, such bad

    2. I trust you say the same to all the right wing publications who ask for money in exchange for their services? Or is it only socialists who you think should not be paid? Perhaps you think we pay the bills with fresh air?


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