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This is a collective blog, run exclusively by socialists with the goal of providing a voice to the voiceless, and is absolutely a Tory-free zone! We are not a company or organisation. We are simply ordinary people who have plenty to say, but nothing in the way of funds or resources. Each writer is fully responsible for their posts, and their opinions do not necessarily represent other blog authors or the editor. Having said that, we broadly agree on most issues, which is why we make a great team.

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  1. Typical Socialist parasite - always after someone else's money. Fucking scrounger.

    1. Oh wow, people might donate a couple bucks to an in depth well researched article about a topic they find interest in. Such socialism, such bad

    2. I trust you say the same to all the right wing publications who ask for money in exchange for their services? Or is it only socialists who you think should not be paid? Perhaps you think we pay the bills with fresh air?


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