Tuesday, 30 June 2020

Do Palestinian Lives Matter?

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is expected to fulfil his manifesto pledge to annex illegal Jewish settlements in the West Bank, including parts of the Jordan Valley from July 1st. The move is supported by US President Donald Trump, despite violating international law.

Israeli military officials have expressed concern the move could spark a Palestinian uprising in the area, creating an avoidable security risk. A humanitarian might be concerned about what could happen to Palestinian protesters, given Israel has a track record of reportedly using white phosphorous on civilians, among other alleged war crimes.

Palestinian farmers have expressed concerns about what will happen to their land and indeed their livelihoods, if and when annexation goes ahead, not least because they will be cut off from the rest of the West Bank, depriving them of income.

Under restrictions imposed by Israel, Palestinian farmers have only been allowed to cultivate one eighth of the available farmland in Palestine (about 12,000 hectares). Palestinian farmers are continuously embroiled in court cases just for the right to grow crops and now fear some of their hard won land could be lost for good.

In addition, there is concern Palestinian water supplies are being diverted to illegal Israeli settlements, and if this problem worsens, farming for Palestinians could become unsustainable. Plus Israel has a track record of uprooting crops, even beyond the Jordan valley, claiming they belong to the Israeli state.

Another major concern is home demolition. Israel systematically refuses to allow Palestinians building permission in the Jordan valley for "security concerns" and have so far demolished 800 homes in the last 12 years. 50,000 Palestinians have been forced out of the Jordan Valley since 1967 and 60,000 remain, along with 11,000 Israeli occupiers.

Netanyahu's plan it seems is to make life unsustainable for Palestinians in the West Bank so they are forced to leave, yet there has been near silence from UK politicians and when some, like Lisa Nandy have dared speak up, (in Nandy's case suggesting a ban on imported West Bank goods), they have been labelled antisemitic.

The Labour antisemitism scandal of recent years has scared many politicians into near-silence. They are terrified of speaking up for Palestinian rights, even as children as young as five are imprisoned and civilians are murdered. There are reports of pregnant women being shot in the stomach, men being shot in the genitalia, even clearly marked medics being gunned down while tending to the wounded. Israel is not only illegally occupying land, it is being accused of war crimes by organisations such as the United Nations and Amnesty International.

All any reasonable person should want is a peaceful resolution with Israel and Palestine living side by side, but how can that be accomplished when Israel is not only occupying Palestinian land in flagrant violation of international law, but annexing more land and showing contempt for human rights in the process?

We are duty bound in the west to speak out on these matters and it's a sad state of affairs that we are met with accusations of antisemitism when we do so, as has unfortunately been the case with Lisa Nandy. Antisemitism is one of the great evils of this world and it's horrifying to see it weaponised to further another great evil - anti-Palestinian racism.

We must ask ourselves - do Palestinian lives matter?

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Youtube taking down White Supremacist Channels

YouTube has taken down the channels of Richard Spencer, Stefan Molyneux, KKK leader David Duke and at least three others. This comes a week after social media giant Twitter removed the accounts of Katie Hopkins for "abuse and hate" and Graham Linehan for transphobia.

While some have expressed concern about an attack on freedom of speech, YouTube has clear guidelines on racism, and claiming one race is inferior to another is strictly forbidden. This is not a freedom of speech issue but a freedom of platform issue. If you walked into a pub and started screaming about white supremacy, you'd be asked to leave and probably arrested.

It's absolutely essential that social media platforms allow a diverse range of opinions, but exceptions must be made for ideologies as extreme as white supremacy. As a father of black children, I don't want them growing up in a world where they can see people telling them they are born inferior. I therefore commend YouTube for taking this action.

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Starmer Dismisses Black Lives Matter

Yet again, I have to write about Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer misjudging the Black Lives Matter movement and perhaps inadvertently insulting BAME communities, through his desperation to appeal to the right wing. Yesterday on the BBC, Starmer suggested the Black Lives Matter organisation and movement were separate entities and that he supported the movement but not the organisation. What a load of drivel!
"Black Lives Matter is an organized movement advocating for non-violent civil disobedience in protest against incidents of police brutality against African-American people." Wikipedia
Let's be absolutely clear, Black Lives Matter is not a movement to be co-opted by white liberals so they can tell black people they know better. It was started by black activists campaigning for social justice and an end to police brutality and systemic racism. The organisation is the movement and to suggest white liberals can either disregard or redefine the central messaging is hugely insulting. Racist probably.
How dare Sir Keir Starmer try to belittle those black activists, to say he had no truck with anything they have to say!
Labour has been mired by an antisemitism scandal in recent years and no Labour politician would dare be so disrespectful to Jewish organisations or communities. If they did so, they would be expelled from the Labour Party and quite rightly too, but it would seem this Labour Party has a racism hierarchy. An awful thing to say, and I do so, not in any way to pit one racism against another but to point out all racisms should be treated as equally unacceptable.
The Labour leadership does not appear to take, for example, the racist abuse levelled at Diane Abbott anywhere near seriously enough for my liking. The party's attitude to anti-black racism in recent months has seemed arrogant and dismissive. Indeed the leadership has been as silent on the matter as it could possibly be - and that is a disgrace.
Why is it considered okay to disregard the concerns of black people in this way? Is it because many of the alleged racists are Starmer supporters?
Most damning perhaps is how Starmer has won the praise of Nigel Farage for his dismissal of the Black Lives Matter "organisation". Sure Farage was stirring the pot, but Starmer gave him that open goal. The two clearly see eye to eye on this matter and it's hardly unreasonable to say the Labour leader should be closer to Black Lives Matter than to the former UKIP  and current Brexit Party leader. FFS I can't believe I even have to say this!

Of course, the elephant in the room is that Black Lives Matter is clearly a progressive, anti-capitalist movement and it would be difficult for Starmer to outright reject calls for economic equity while masquerading as a socialist. Murmurings within the party suggest Starmer is looking to water down Labour's key manifesto pledges, including the Green New Deal. If we can't trust the man to take the future of our planet seriously enough, how can we trust him to push for racial and economic justice? To put it simply, we can't.
Starmer is a man of the establishment, a knight of the realm, and our capitalist establishment is built on white supremacy.
Starmer rather dismissively described the worldwide BLM protests as a "moment" and suggested they were for the world to reflect on the murder of George Floyd. "It’s reflecting on what happened dreadfully in America just a few weeks ago, and showing or acknowledging that as a moment across the world,” he said. This is absurdly reductionist and extremely ignorant of the reality. This movement began way before this one horrific murder.
Black Lives Matter was founded on 13th July 2013 following the acquittal of George Zimmerman for killing teenager Trayvon Martin, but the campaign against police brutality has been going on decades, and the struggle for racial equality has been going on centuries.
Now is not a time for optics politicians to kneel in fake solidarity and take no meaningful action. It is certainly not a time to arrogantly dismiss the "defund the police" message without looking at the nuance. Without considering that while in the US, people are primarily referring to police demilitarisation, in the UK people are asking for funds to be redirected into youth services and crime prevention, tackling the root causes and fixing society, rather than simply waiting for things to go wrong and then flinging victims of economic inequality in prison.
Starmer could have easily addressed the nuance, but black people weren't his target audience - white conservatives were. So instead he dismissed legitimate concerns about our approach to crime prevention  and said "I won't have any truck with anything the organisation is saying about defunding the police or anything else". Fucking outrageous.

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Saturday, 13 June 2020

BLM Protests: Is Starmer Misjudging this Moment in History?

A man sat, staring at the severed hand and foot of his five year old child. The poor boy had not met his work quota for the day and this was his horrifying punishment. A punishment which was all too common place during the slave trade. The photograph of that moment is etched into my mind and will stay with me as long as I live.

Imagine that child's pain and terror in that moment and then imagine someone erecting a statue of the monster responsible. Imagine someone later saying it was "completely wrong" to remove such a statue.

The above image may be of Congolese slaves during the tyrannical reign of Belgian King Leopold II who the term "crimes against humanity" was literally coined for, but such an image is absolutely representative of transatlantic slavery which ended in 1807 before the arrival of cameras.

I have a five year old black son and the thought of someone hurting him in such a way is terrifying and unbearable. I would without hesitation kill any bastard who even considered doing that to him and I would kill everyone who helped them. Shit I would set the world on fire and so would you! Any parent would do whatever they could to protect their child. But to be unable to protect that boy, to be forced to watch that happening, that is sickening on a level I can't conceive.

The men responsible for the crimes of the slave trade should be burning in the fires of hell. This should not be a controversial statement. There should not be a debate, no weighing up the good against the monstrously bad. That's not how morality works. Why do I have to explain this to some of you?

We built statues to hell-bound slavers, to the worst of humanity, to bastards who would have severed the hands and feet of my boy if he was not a good enough slave. That these statues were ever constructed in the first place, let alone constructed well after the abolition of slavery is unacceptable and says so much about Britain. It sends a message some lives are considered less than others. It provides a perfect example of why the Black Lives Matter slogan is so necessary. 

We could have erected statues to the best of humanity instead of the worst, and those slaver statues are still standing today. That is not just offensive, it's chilling.

I have heard people say our country would not be the same without those slavers, that they built Britain, were great philanthropists, products of their time. Calling a man like Edward Colston who threw 19,000 slaves into the sea a "product of his time" is no less outrageous than calling a man who sent people to gas chambers a product of his time.

How can some people not see this? And why does the leader of the Labour Party seem eager to appease such people? To find a middle ground between right and wrong? 

Let's break this down, look at the reality, and then identify exactly who Starmer seems terrified of upsetting:

Firstly, to be absolutely clear, some crimes are so unforgivable, so completely and utterly monstrous they should never be played down. There is no balance needed here, no nuance, no scrutiny of the culprit's character. People know and have always understood cruelty. We understand we should not be cruel to humans. We understand we should not even be cruel to animals. We know all living beings can suffer so there is no excusing this, no saying slavers did not understand the humanity of those with a different pigment. It's bullshit. 

Slavers lived around their victims every day, saw their fear, saw them cry, saw them cower. Hell they often raped them, but you're going to tell me they were unable to see them as human? Slavers knew of their cruelty and it is absurd to suggest otherwise. There is no point in history when cruelty was justifiable simply because "it was a different time." And if you argue otherwise, you are confessing to the same callousness, the same desire to be just as cruel.

We would not erect statues of men who legally sent people to gas chambers. You know this. And you know why people excuse the statues of slavers. We all know why: Racism.

The leader of the opposition would appear to occupy a centre ground between racism and anti-racism, throw some criticisms either way, create some false parallels, and offer weak arguments in line with the subtle racists who bleat on about our history, even if he may not be in full agreement with such people.

Any conservative who cared about the preservation of history would be demanding the brutality of the British Empire be taught in schools. And yet the people who say we need statues to learn from the past take such a suggestion as an attack on our country, as unpatriotic.

If you understand your country was built on slavery, you don't excuse slavers for the achievements of their slaves. You highlight the shame, vilify the culprits, celebrate those who made changes for the better - and yet the apologists find a way to show pride in this barbarity. These slavers helped make Britain great, they say. We have much to thank them for. Let's not judge them by today's standards!

Only these are today's standards, clearly. Today in 2020 so many of us want to overlook slavery or claim the ends justified the means. And let's not forget every monster in history was a product of their time. Adolf Hitler was a product of his time just like Kim Jong Un is a product of his time. This is not a defence! 

Statues of these monsters are grotesquely offensive. Insulting. Abusive. They should never have been erected and should not be on public display, should not be glorified. They must be taken down. The how is irrelevant. And when people try for decades to use the proper channels, and their pleas fall on deaf ears, it is simply inexcusable for the leader of the opposition, Sir Keir Starmer, to describe the removal of the Edward Colston statue as "completely wrong" and then lecture us on erasing history. When he does so he is siding with racists, even though that may not be his intention.

Starmer's pathetic words have prompted Labour MP Dawn Butler to respond on Twitter with: "I'm sorry but Activists were not completely wrong." As a BAME Labour MP, she should not have to correct her leader on this matter, but here we are.

The creation of that statue was completely wrong. If Britain wants to preserve history we should keep libraries open and teach school kids the truth, make sure the public know who the slavers were and what they did and that they deserve no credit for the achievements attributed to them. Instead conservatives brush the crimes of the empire's "heroes" under the carpet while accusing those who want to correct a whitewashed history of erasing history. Orwellian.

The leader of the Labour Party should understand this and I hope he will join the call to teach the truth of the British Empire in schools.

Starmer should stand in solidarity with the statue's removers, but instead he threw them under the bus using a pathetic legality argument. Would he say it was totally wrong for Rosa Parks to take that seat? Or for Iraqis to pull down the Saddam Hussein statue? Because those same arguments - legality and preservation of history apply.

Should laws which stand in the way of justice not be defied? Because every significant breakthrough in the civil rights movement came as a result of defiance of the law. Literally civil disobedience. Sir Keir Starmer would likely have condemned the illegal behaviours of Martin Luther King jr or Nelson Mandela. It seems he just doesn't get it. He is not a friend of BAME communities. He refuses to suspend racist bullies in his own party, alienates Black Lives Matter protesters and throw them under a bus. Yet he and his team are so reluctant to call out the clear racism of the US President or the Tory government.

Where is the representation of Labour's BAME members and core supporters?

Starmer seems oblivious to the fact times are changing, that under-50s are overwhelmingly shifting left, that we are not prepared to stand by and allow injustice and systemic racism to continue. He seems blind to the fact we are socialists, not moderates. And on those rare occasions when he does say the right thing, it's invariably too late, as though he is waiting for things to pass or consulting his focus groups before deciding what his principles are this week.

Starmer seems to be the white moderate Martin Luther King jr warned us against, the incrementalist who says he agrees with some of your goals but not your method of direct action. 

He is haemorrhaging the BAME vote, the youth vote, the left vote, and has already alienated northern heartlands with his ill-fated people's vote. He seems to be gambling all on winning over-50s conservative voters in large enough numbers to make up for these losses, and hoping enough of those he is alienating will reluctantly fall in line.

I'm not sure he realises just how large the gulf is, just how appalled we are by his apparent lack of principle, by his demoting of BAME MPs, by his saying whatever the focus groups tell him to say. He gives the impression he's an imperialist who is willing to overlook racism in his own party, throw protesters under a bus to appease the right and do little or nothing to appeal to his left wing base or stand up for justice.

Sir Keir Starmer seems determined to stand between the right and wrong side of history.

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Sunday, 7 June 2020

Tear Slave Owner Statues Down and put them in a Museum

I assume most of you have now seen the glorious footage showing the statue of slave owner Edward Colston being torn down and thrown into the Bristol channel. This action was taken by protesters after decades attempting to have the statue removed through democratic processes. Sadly those pleas fell on deaf ears, providing further evidence of the systemic racism which exists in modern Britain. The arguments in favour of keeping the statue have been predictably absurd:

"We must keep the statues for education!"

"Let's not rewrite history!"

"Colston was a product of his time!"

Let's get real here. Have you ever felt educated while walking past a statue? Would you even know the statue was of a slave owner, unless someone pointed it out? I know I probably wouldn't. In reality, I learnt more about Robert Colston in the five minutes after his statue was torn down than I learnt in all the decades the statue was up. The only people rewriting history are those who build statues to slave owners and other monsters, celebrating their supposed achievements while remaining quiet about their crimes, so here's the solution:
If we genuinely want to preserve history, if we genuinely want to educate future generations and learn from past mistakes, let's tear down every slave owner statue. We can put them on display in a museum where instead of focusing on glorification, we tell the true story about these terrible people, about how their wealth was built around slavery, about how their achievements were actually the achievements of black people.
We do not need a statue of Edward Colston any more than Baghdad needed a statue of Saddam Hussein, and I don't recall too many tears when that statue was torn down. Why are so many British people able to see with such moral clarity the importance of removing the statue of a tyrant in Baghdad, but not a slave owner in Bristol? Think about this. Would you want to walk past a statue of a man who enslaved your people every day? That's not educational or historical, it's grotesque.
Let's get these statues out of our town squares, end the glorification of monsters and make a sincere effort to educate people on the crimes of the slave trade in the same way we educate on the horrors of the holocaust. This would be a hugely symbolic step, a message to the black community we are finally taking their concerns seriously and learning. A message  we are genuinely sorry and ready to end systemic racism.
One more thing, I am hearing the police are searching for the "culprits" which begs the question: which is the bigger crime - tearing the statue down or erecting it in the first place?
To me it's absurd to suggest this is an act of criminal damage, it was a fight back against racism. To that end, I suggest that if anyone is prosecuted for this, they start a fundraiser. I would gladly contribute towards their legal fees or any fines.

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Monday, 1 June 2020

How Should White People Respond to the US Uprising?

I'm a white person who is tired of other white people's racism. So fucking tired. Is it so hard to listen to the needs of the black community?

When black people are protesting so passionately, and yes, even destructively in some instances, the first thing you must consider is what is the biggest crime here - the breaking of windows and the looting of property? Or the murder of civilians by police, the continuing harassment, the lack of opportunity for so many to have anything material or even enjoy basic freedoms in a consumer-driven society?

When the middle-class are telling black people this is the "wrong way to protest", you need to remember your own response to black people politely kneeling. You need to consider your indifference to footage proving one black person after another was needlessly murdered. You need to consider why no action was taken to change the brutality, why the police were allowed to continue killing with impunity. Why prosecutions against police are so rare and convictions rarer still.

Once you consider that, the only reasonable conclusion is your indifference allowed this situation in the first place. When white middle-class people get mad, things change. When the black underclass are crying for help alone, their voices are ignored. You are the reason it has come to this.

Why weren't you protesting the murder of Philando Castile? Why weren't you demanding the reform of a police force that shot 12 year old Tamir Rice dead? Why did you make excuses when Willie McCoy was killed while sleeping in his car? Why do you think the appropriate response to such murders is to dig into the victim's past to see if they've ever made a mistake?

Have you never done wrong? You don't have any stain on your character? Nothing? Really? Okay, you have made a few mistakes? So you agree you deserve to be executed by any cop who feels like it? After all, you must be the wrong sort too! But the difference is, you don't have the excuse of social deprivation and systemic oppression. You weren't the product of poverty.

But of course you know the chances of you being shot dead, whether you are doing nothing wrong or committing a serious crime are extremely low. And you know why too - it's the white privilege you deny exists.

You cannot act like black communities are to blame for their poverty when you elect leaders who won't reform the system to provide them with opportunity. You cannot tell yourself that "Blue no matter who" is the solution when the Democratic presidential candidate has defended white supremacists. You are supporting the status quo because the idea of making the effort to change scares you. The status quo is easy for you, so just find any excuse, any rationalisation to not take action, then comfort yourself by calling yourself a liberal, and say your disagreement is that these protesters are not behaving like Martin Luther King jr, ignoring that he said "rioting is the language of the unheard".
"First, I must confess that over the last few years I have been gravely disappointed with the white moderate. I have almost reached the regrettable conclusion that the Negro's great stumbling block in the stride toward freedom is not the White Citizen's Council-er or the Ku Klux Klanner, but the white moderate who is more devoted to "order" than to justice; who prefers a negative peace which is the absence of tension to a positive peace which is the presence of justice; who constantly says "I agree with you in the goal you seek, but I can't agree with your methods of direct action;" who paternalistically feels he can set the timetable for another man's freedom; who lives by the myth of time and who constantly advises the Negro to wait until a "more convenient season." 
Martin Luther King jr
Instead of lecturing black people on the correct way to protest, how about demanding the changes which would take away the need to protest? How about listening to and respecting black voices, instead of whitesplaining? 

The first thing you must do is say police brutality must be addressed. Bad cops must be fired. Killer cops must be imprisoned. The good cops can be retrained to a higher standard to reduce the risk of mistakes. To make these demands is not anti-police - it's anti-bad police.

The second thing you must do is demand action on poverty and bring an end to big money in politics. Create a society where basic needs like education, healthcare and a living wage are met, rather than labelling people as authoritarian for demanding them - that's some projection by the way.

The final and most important thing you must do is listen to black voices and respect them. Lecturing a black person on protesting police brutality is like lecturing a rape victim on rape avoidance - it's obscene and insensitive. The victims never have it coming. And you can never appreciate their lived experience, even if you're "not racist or anything".

Listen to the black community.

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Fascism takes Hold in the United States

Widespread curfews, the national guard called in to major cities, civilians shot with paint canisters and live ammunition, tear gas dispensed, antifascism designated terrorism, and now the military mobilising as armed militia take to the streets, all because black people are asking, pleading, screaming for an end to discrimination and brutalisation.

Of course they asked peacefully for decades. They knelt, they engaged in polite conversation, they were remarkably resolute as their brothers and sisters were butchered - and their concerns were dismissed. They were told to know their place as their President described white supremacists as good people. As their President labelled Antifa a terrorist organisation, even though no such organisation exists, even though no Antifa terror attacks have ever taken place, even though the KKK still operates freely. Antifa is simply an acronym for antifascism - opposing fascism makes you a terrorist now.

How much more antagonistic could this President become? No wonder things are exploding. Black people are desperate. The victims of brutality are treated as the enemy in their own country - the so-called land of the free where blacks aren't free.

If your issue right now is with the way the protesters are conducting themselves rather than the actions of the state, then I'm afraid you are a fascist, even if you don't realise.

How do you think fascism arises? Do you think populations suddenly turn evil? Of course they don't. Fascism is enabled by your polite neighbour, the honest hard working citizen who doesn't want to rock the boat. Who never wants anyone to rock the boat. Who tells themselves that if life in their privileged bubble is fine, there must be no problem beyond the bubble for which they must take responsibility. To them, anyone fighting for their rights is ungrateful, disloyal, even dangerous. It doesn't occur the protesters have no reason to show loyalty to a cause which has never shown loyalty to them.

But we've seen a black President so of course there is no problem, right? 

If only Obama had fought for his people, addressed the structural problems, reformed a corrupt and deadly police force who are basically the enforcers of an oligarchy which is only democratic on a superficial level, which has such a stranglehold on democracy, it's managed to narrow the democratic options down to corporatism or corporatism, which controls the media, which labels any attempt to more towards a Scandinavian-style social democracy as dangerous authoritarianism while it subjugates black communities, imprisons legitimate refugees, including children, and forcibly adopts babies. A system of mass incarceration with by far the largest number of prisoners in the world (whether in real terms or per capita) and the second largest number of executions carried out per year.

America is a fascist state masquerading as a democracy. It operates an apartheid system disguised as a land of opportunity by allowing one or two members of the underclass to escape, to do well, to invalidate any proclamation that such a system even exists, but clearly apartheid is there. It is there in the lack of opportunity for black people, the low quality education, the lack of healthcare, the higher rates of unemployment and the much higher rates of imprisonment and of course murder by police.

The problems in society, in any society, do not come from the bottom, they come from the top, from the leadership and its desire, or rather lack of desire, to drive change. And America for so long has pushed the myth that political leadership - state intervention - is bad, dangerous, yet they only portray state intervention as dangerous when it would involve helping people.

Helping your own citizens, addressing inequalities, creating a police force that serves and protects everyone, rather than a privileged few, that would be tyranny. But the state intervening to drone bomb other countries or lock black people up in extraordinary numbers, all driven by private profit, of course that's freedom.

Private corporations profiting from death and imprisonment is freedom. Helping poor people is tyranny. America is a democracy. It's all so Orwellian.

So now, as so many are reaching breaking point, not just in black communities, but increasingly in other communities too, the fascist beast is raising its true and ugly head. It has skilfully kept its face hidden to those who didn't care to look, but now it's in full view and you can't hide from this fact without becoming a fascist yourself.

This is the civil rights battle of our day. If you would have stood alongside Martin Luther King jr or Nelson Mandela, you must now stand with the black community. You must steer the narrative away from the behaviour of the protesters, remembering much of the trouble is coming from paid instigators, and you must focus on the behaviour of the police and the state. Or rather the police state.

We must have a conversation on how the police responded to a protest about police brutality with more police brutality. We must talk about the structures of power, the big money in politics, the foreign lobbyists, the militarised police, the commodification of healthcare and education, the profiteering from war and imprisonment, which led to this situation and which must be addressed if America is to move forward in a democratic way, because the good people have had enough and the only other way out of this situation is with violent suppression. Are you comfortable with that?

Future generations will remember Trump and his supporters as today's Nazis. It's time to decide if you are going to be on the right side of history.

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