Thursday, 23 July 2020

Could Starmer be at Risk of Bankrupting Labour?

It is believed up to 40 new claimants intend to pursue the Labour Party, following its decision to apologise in the high court and pay damages to seven "whistle blowers" and BBC journalist John Ware. 

The pay outs so far have totalled six figures and some, such as departing Unite leader Len McCluskey have suggested this was a misuse of party funds, on the basis lawyers reportedly said the Labour Party would likely win in court, if it had opted to defend the case. 

Jeremy Corbyn alleged the decision to settle was political, rather than legal, and is now facing possible legal action himself from John Ware. A fundraiser to pay Corbyn's legal costs has already raised over £80,000.

Campaign group Momentum issued the following statement on Twitter:

"Labour has made apologies over last year’s Panorama programme, despite reports that the legal advice received by Labour said the Party would have likely won in court because it had strong legal defences.

"Labour must be honest and transparent with its members by publishing this legal advice. Labour members deserve to know how much of their money has been spent in these settlements and whether or not these settlements were in line with the legal advice the Party received.

"Any apologies or concessions made while the inquiry into the leaked report, led by Martin Forde QC, is ongoing, could run the risk of undermining that inquiry. Members are still waiting for answers and justice over the contents of the leaked report.

"This includes allegations of racism, sexism, ableism and abuse towards Labour MPs and pro-Corbyn staff, and allegations about attempts to undermine Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership and work against a Labour victory in the 2017 General Election.

"The leaked report also made allegations about failures by the Labour Right in dealing with complaints of antisemitism and Islamophobia and argued that factionalism played a significant role in this.

"Many of these allegations countered the claims made in the Panorama programme and it is clear that, if a Panorama programme on the subject of antisemitism in the Labour Party were made today, it would be very different were it to reflect the contents of the leaked report."

The problem Labour now faces is that by accepting liability, it may have to pay substantial damages to the remaining 40 claimants and this could be somewhere in the region of millions of pounds. Labour is understood to be suffering a significant loss of revenue, due to members leaving the party in huge numbers since Starmer became leader. Some are speculating over 300,000 have left since December 2019 - roughly half the membership, although no official figures have been released.

Labour could opt to defend the court action, but given the content of the cases put forward is likely to be substantially similar to ones Labour has already settled, this would almost seem farcical. On the other hand, if Labour does pay out millions of pounds of members' fees and settles cases which may have been winnable, it could still face legal action from those who would oppose such a move. Indeed, some are already understood to be considering a legal challenge to the actions taken so far. The whole thing is a shambolic mess.

A shadow cabinet minister told the Telegraph: "This is the legacy Corbyn has left us. People should be angry." And people are angry, but judging by the overwhelming support Corbyn's fundraiser has received, it would appear they are not angry at the former Labour leader.

If Labour does settle again, it may have no money left in the coffers, and at this rate, no one willing to refill those coffers. Many members would have preferred to take the risk of  defending the cases in court. That way the truth could at least come out in public, and if the ruling was in favour of Labour, the party would not be facing a financial crisis.

Unless a solution is found, it looks like the internecine warfare of the last five years might finally destroy this once great party, and most tragically of all, many on the left would not be sad to see it go.

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The Jeremy Corbyn Fundraiser has Reached an Incredible £116,000!

Amid suggestions Panorama presenter John Ware is planning to sue former Labour leader Jeremy Cobyn, a fundraiser has been set up to cover Corbyn's legal costs. 

The GoFundMe page was set up by a member of the public called Carole Morgan and had initially sparked speculation on social media it could have been fraudulent. However, it appears those concerns were ill-founded and the GoFundMe page is being handed over to Jeremy Corbyn's team, as confirmed by the Islington North Labour Party Twitter account. I must therefore say, well done, Carole!

Donations have so far been flying in and the fundraiser is nearing £120,000, showing what an incredible amount of support Jeremy Corbyn still has! You can expect that figure to go much higher. Court cases can prove incredibly costly with legal fees alone amounting to hundreds of thousands of pounds so I have no doubt Jeremy will be thrilled by the support. If they thought they could destroy the man, it appears they were sorely mistaken...

You can donate here: GoFundMe

The legal dispute centres around Jeremy Corbyn's claim that the Labour Party made a political, rather than a legal decision, by agreeing to compensate the antisemitism whistle blowers who appeared on the Panorama programme. Corbyn and others insist Labour's formal legal advice suggested they had a strong case and would likely have won in court. Concern has therefore been raised about why Labour members' fees were used to make such huge payouts and whether this amounts to a misuse of funds. Many Labour members are keen for the matter tested in court so we can finally discover the truth.

For those who have not yet read it, here is Corbyn's official  statement:

"Labour Party members have a right to accountability and transparency of decisions taken in their name, and an effective commitment from the party to combat antisemitism and racism in all their forms.
"The Party’s decision to apologise today and make substantial payments to former staff who sued the party in relation to last year’s Panorama programme is a political decision, not a legal one.
"Our legal advice was that the party had a strong defence, and the evidence in the leaked Labour report that is now the subject of an NEC inquiry led by Martin Forde QC strengthened concerns about the role played by some of those who took part in the programme. 
"The decision to settle these claims in this way is disappointing, and risks giving credibility to misleading and inaccurate allegations about action taken to tackle antisemitism in the Labour Party in recent years.
"To give our members the answers and justice they deserve, the inquiry led by Martin Forde must now fully address the evidence the internal report uncovered of racism, sexism, factionalism and obstruction of Labour’s 2017 General Election campaign."

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Hard Centrists Need to Shut the F Up!

For four tedious years, hard centrists insisted Labour was so antisemitic and Jeremy Corbyn was so divisive, simply because he represented the poorest in society for whom they had no answers. They could not be honest about their motivations which involved protecting elitism, racism and imperialism, and most importantly their own privilege, and they could not challenge the left on policy because they had no ideas of their own, leaving them with only smears. This vindictive, self-superior fifth column did everything in their power to derail our general election campaign, and now they have the gall to accuse us of enabling the Tories, unless we fall in line?

If hard centrists really care about Tory enablers, they must be absolutely furious that Labour's centrist staffers allegedly misdirected campaign funds and sat on antisemitism complaints to embarrass the leadership, right? I mean after all, this is what this is all about, stopping the Tories and tackling antisemitism. 

Jeremy Corbyn insists he was telling his staff to get on within it, get the job done, get these complaints resolved while they allegedly refused and deceived him! The evidence (while not conclusive) was made public and to nobody's surprise, the smug, extreme centrists in the world of social media could not give a crap.

Are all centrists so cynical? Do they really care so little about antisemitism that it is simply a stick to beat Corbyn with? So much so, they're okay with possible antisemitic acts like the alleged frustration of antisemitism complaints as long as it benefits them politically? Because this looks like gutter politics of the worst kind.

Jeremy Corbyn apparently wanted, and still wants, to eradicate the evil of antisemitism from the Labour Party and wherever else it may be found, but that doesn't matter to the hard centre. They will still call Jeremy Corbyn an antisemite because in this context, "antisemite" does not mean someone who hates Jews, it means someone who is a socialist who fights for the most vulnerable people around the world, which, of course, includes Palestinians. And we can't be having that, can we?

Indeed, the quickest way to get accused of antisemitism by the hard centre is to say something, anything, in support of Palestine or critical of the Israeli government and then announce you are a socialist. It does not matter how carefully you choose your words, you will be called an "antisemitic conspiracy theorist" within about 15 seconds, even if you share irrefutable evidence of your claim. It's this cool game they play called "Beat the socialist." And the most ridiculous thing about this game is everyone knows it's being played, but no one dares acknowledge it. Because acknowledging the existence of the game is unequivocal proof you must be racist. Denying you are racist is unequivocal proof you must be racist. Supporting Jeremy Corbyn is unequivocal proof you must be racist. Existing and being socialist is unequivocal proof you must be racist... say the people who are absolutely livid a slaver statue was thrown into the river Avon.

As Alexei Sayle said, racists are calling antiracists racist, and they're getting away with it because the rich arseholes in the mainstream media are cheering them on. Meanwhile, the hardest up in society, the people who don't know if they will have a roof over their heads next month or will have to pop along to the foodbank before pay day or sell their TV at Cash Converters, us, our hope is being taken away by this utterly fucking cynical game they are playing. How dare they smear Jeremy Cobyn, one of the most thoroughly decent human beings this country has ever produced. How dare they suddenly decide one day during a frenzy of relentless smear campaigns that those who've never had a racist thought in our lives are suddenly antisemitic. 

I will literally fight to the death to defeat racists and that absolutely includes defeating antisemites. I think antisemites are the scum of the Earth. If the holocaust was happening today, I would be on the front line, fighting those Nazi bastards, and you're going to smear me while you turn a blind eye to actual genocides? Fuck you! Seriously, fuck all of you cynical bastards! I know who we are and I see who you are: the "white moderates" Martin Luther King jr warned us against. 
No one believes Jeremy Corbyn hates the Jewish people. Absolutely no one. Yet centrists still call him antisemitic to score political points. This is weaponisation. It's a form of antisemitism, actually.
And these people have the nerve to lecture us on "enabling the Tories"? For four years, we gave everything to the Labour cause: blood, sweat and tears, money we didn't have, simply to create a better future for our kids, so they wouldn't have to struggle like we do, so they would actually have a breathable atmosphere, but hard centrists decided they did not want an equitable society with a £10 minimum wage and nationalised services and a green industrial revolution. They decided they would prefer Tory Britain where half the country struggles to get by, but life in their middle class bubble remains quite nice actually.

So let's just ignore the Tories amassed more debt than every previous Labour government combined by a significant margin. Let's just pretend Labour's spending plans, which would have given us a return on our investment, were "unrealistic," but sending one third of our GDP to tax havens like Panama is perfectly reasonable, because if we do that, we can continue with our centrist sense of superiority, can't we?

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Hard centrists know better, you see? That's why they deserve to live comfortably and you don't. That's why you're somehow racist as soon as you disagree with them, even though you're the one who's fought racism your whole life, while they've just enabled a racist Tory government that gave us Windrush. 

But you're the Tory enabler now, simply because you've called the hard centre out on their BS. Hard centrists are expert projectors. And they're also conservatives. But they're worse than regular conservatives because they don't have the moral conviction to say what they actually are. They want to claim the ethics of the left without following through with meaningful action, and they can only do that with a smug, we know better than you attitude. 

Hard centrists will claim everything you need to live comfortably is simply not pragmatic, ignoring such needs are easily met in other countries, and then they'll go on to promote Tory policies, but they will scream furiously if you dare mention they are actual Tories. 

But as vile as the hard centrists are, I am going to give them credit. They got their shit together. They lied and deceived and stole a socialist party from under our noses because they are every bit as ruthless and calculating as Tories. The truth is the downfall of Corbyn's Labour was not antisemitism or bad policy decisions or any of the other nonsense Corbyn is accused of. No, the downfall is that Corbyn was far too nice and his opponents utterly ruthless. And the next socialist leader who rises to the fore will need to be fully aware of this. We need a socialist who is a fighter and will get into the gutter with their opponents. No other kind of socialist can succeed in corporate-dominated Britain. We are not nice, friendly Scandinavia, or chilled out New Zealand. We are an island dominated by ruthless racist corporatists who will spend every second trying to destroy you for wanting a better future because that is just what they do. If you're not cut out for the fight, don't even get involved because you will be absolutely mauled.

Labour's Socialist Campaign Group may or may not find the ruthless streak it so badly needed last year when it was laughably accused of Stalinism for, checks notes, purging absolutely no one. But unless it manages to regain control of Labour and eradicate the centrist fifth column through open selection or cuts its losses and forms a new party, British socialism is going absolutely nowhere fast.

In the meantime, the centrists who enabled the Tory Party and turned Labour into the Tory B team and failed to make their promised 20 point poll lead magically appear, seriously need to shut up. Because that lot have ensured meaningful change isn't happening in Britain any time soon. 

Hard centrists chose the racist, classist status quo. They chose Tory mismanagement of the economy and skyrocketing debt with nothing to show in return. They chose the marginalisation of the vulnerable and the disabled. They chose the worst Covid-19 response in Europe. And almost amusingly, those who describe themselves as "follow back, pro-EU" on Twitter chose hard Brexit over meaningful change. 

Hard centrists are an insignificant 10% of the population who represent Tories in denial and whose needs and opinions are the only ones that count apparently. And they are a complete joke.

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Wednesday, 22 July 2020

Corbyn may have Whip Withdrawn as Labour Compensates "Whistle blowers"

The Labour Party has issued compensation to some of those named in the Panorama investigation on Labour antisemitism and one individual has reportedly received a 6 figure fee. Labour has also compensated the presenter of the programme John Ware. 

Some, including departing Unite leader Len McCluskey, have expressed disapproval at the compensation awards, claiming lawyers privately stated the party would likely win any court action against the individuals. I understand the apology Labour has issued may face a legal challenge.

Labour stated the party had wrongly suggested the individuals acted in "bad faith" and this caused "distress, embarrassment and hurt".

It would appear Sir Keir Starmer has opted to draw a line under the Corbyn era and give the impression he is taking a tough stance on antisemitism. However, one may reasonably ask where is the compensation for the whistle blowers who exposed alleged anti-black racism? Is Diane Abbott to receive a 6 figure pay out for the racist bullying she reportedly received?

Here is Len McCluskey's tweet. While it is impossible to say who would have won, many Labour members would have liked the matter to be tested in court.

As this story was breaking, there was intense speculation on social media that Jeremy Corbyn may have the Labour whip withdrawn as a result of the EHRC investigation into antisemitism. If this happens, expect civil war to break out within the party, especially given the EHRC was never given the "Labour leaks" report which could have painted a very different picture, if it stood up to scrutiny.

There is huge concern among the left about how this matter will unfold, but what it highlights to me, more than anything, is the gulf between the left and right of Labour can simply not be bridged. Whichever "faction" is in charge will likely face sabotage from the other side in the next general election campaign. The Labour membership deserves so much better which is why I must highlight once again, the only two available options to fully resolve this issue are Open Selection or a party split.

UPDATE: Jeremy Corbyn has issued a statement on his Facebook page, claiming the decision to compensate is political rather than legal. It has been reported that John Ware is considering legal action in response to this statement:

"Labour Party members have a right to accountability and transparency of decisions taken in their name, and an effective commitment from the party to combat antisemitism and racism in all their forms.
"The Party’s decision to apologise today and make substantial payments to former staff who sued the party in relation to last year’s Panorama programme is a political decision, not a legal one.
"Our legal advice was that the party had a strong defence, and the evidence in the leaked Labour report that is now the subject of an NEC inquiry led by Martin Forde QC strengthened concerns about the role played by some of those who took part in the programme.
"The decision to settle these claims in this way is disappointing, and risks giving credibility to misleading and inaccurate allegations about action taken to tackle antisemitism in the Labour Party in recent years.
"To give our members the answers and justice they deserve, the inquiry led by Martin Forde must now fully address the evidence the internal report uncovered of racism, sexism, factionalism and obstruction of Labour’s 2017 General Election campaign."

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Tuesday, 21 July 2020

We now Know the Tories could Sell the NHS to Trump

Yesterday the Tories voted against an amendment - New Clause 17 - to the Brexit Trade Bill, which would have protected the NHS from a post-Brexit trade deal with the US. This is despite Prime Minister Boris Johnson insisting the NHS is not for sale in the build up to the 2019 general election. The amendment would have ensured, among other things, that drug prices were not up for renegotiation, patient data would not be sold, and NHS staff would not have their wages or rights slashed.

There is simply no justification for voting down this bill, unless the Tories are planning to go ahead with the things it sought to prevent. The NHS is one of the nation's most precious assets and if the government were honest about their plans, this matter could have seriously affected voting decisions in the 2019 general election. Who on Earth would have voted for this?

As usual, the Tories obtained votes by deceiving the electorate and are now in a position to asset strip post-Brexit Britain on a level we've never before seen. I'm not just talking about the NHS here either. The control we're supposed to be taking back is about to be handed over to corporations. Prepare for Thatcherism on steroids.

The former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn was accused of scaremongering in 2019 when highlighting the concerns raised by leaked documents which showed negotiations were underway to raise drug prices by £500 million a week and allow private companies greater access to the NHS. Instead of echoing Corbyn's concerns, the media have absurdly accused him of siding with Russia, even though the leaked documents he cited were 100% genuine. This is how broken our democracy has become.

Liz Truss has tweeted the above will never happen in direct contradiction to yesterday's vote. Does anyone in the country seriously believe her?

So far, Sir Keir Starmer remains silent on the matter as does the BBC, just when we need their voices the most. The NHS is not Boris Johnson's possession to sell off to his American friends, it belongs to the British public and we never consented to any of these plans. We were told we were taking back control and getting £350 million a week for the NHS. Instead we're getting higher drug prices and chlorinated chicken. I'm not sure that would have looked so great on the side of a bus.

Let's be absolutely clear: the Tory end goal is full NHS privatisation. We have a government run by free market ideologues who abhor the idea of nationalised public services, and the NHS is the crown jewel of socialism so it must go. They know they would never get away with privatising it overnight, but they are eroding it piece by piece, outsourcing services, closing children's wards and maternity wards, even entire hospitals, letting NHS trusts fall into deficit, overworking staff and soon they will be raising drug prices, all to fuel a narrative that a National Health Service is unworkable and the only viable solution is a US-style insurance model.

And that will mean death if you can't afford the premiums or your insurance company declines to pay out. It will mean putting an extortionate price on your right to life, so you'd better bloody hope you are one of the haves and not one of the have-nots. America is a place where diabetics die because they can't afford insulin and this could be Britain in five to ten years.

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Why is Boris Johnson so Friendly with Russian Oligarchs?

The Russia report has finally been released and its key revelations are that Russia tried to influence the EU and Scottish Independence referenda and that the Tory government and British intelligence deliberately ignored this - they knew of Russia's possible influence but chose not to investigate. This has come as a surprise to absolutely no one, but what concerns me is Boris Johnson's close relationships to Russian oligarchs and whether this indicates something more at play.

Firstly, it's worth pointing out Boris Johnson has defended the Tories taking money from Russian oligarchs and previously insisted there was no evidence of Russia interfering in our democracy which would appear to be a deliberate lie. The suspicions were certainly there and it's inconceivable Boris Johnson was unaware of the existing evidence. The fact our Prime Minister was willing to deflect from the truth and delay the release of the Russia report until after the general election should concern everyone who cares about democracy, let alone the possibility Johnson could have had direct involvement.

In December 2019, just after the Tories' election victory, Boris Johnson and Carrie Symonds attended a lavish party with vodka and caviar at a £6 million mansion overlooking Regent's Park. The party was to celebrate the 60th birthday of ex-KGB agent Alexander Lebedev. It is worth noting Jeremy Corbyn - who has himself been accused of an improper relationship with Russia - declined to attend the party.

Alexander Lebedev switched from cold war spying to London banking in the 1990s and now owns the Evening Standard. The morning after Sergei Skripal was poisoned in April 2018, Boris Johnson flew to Peruggia, leaving his security detail behind. Alexander Lebedev admits to being present at the palazzo but denies meeting Johnson. Alexander's son Evgeny is known to regularly host Boris Johnson in Peruggia at parties attended by celebs and high profile figures.

Perhaps Johnson's involvement with the Lebedevs is just friendship, but at the very least, the Prime Minister has shown indifference to how this would appear to the public. Jeremy Corbyn shies away from making such improper friendships with Russian oligarchs, but Johnson embraces them.

Boris Johnson was photographed with Russian oligarchs and their associates at a Conservative Party fundraiser during the EU referendum campaign and within weeks his views on the annexation of Crimea began to align with Russia's, becoming highly critical of the EU's stance. He was also photographed with Joseph Mifsud who was named in the US report into Russian interference and described as a Russian agent by James Comey. Mifsud is understood to have approached Trump aide George Papadopoulos, offering dirt on Hillary Clinton. Mifsud has since disappeared.

Why is our Prime Minister mingling with such shady characters, given that he must surely know of their connections and their past behaviours? These are not the type of people a Prime Minister should be befriending, let alone receiving money from. Are his positions on matters like Crimea influenced by the money he is receiving?

The Conservative Party accepted a £200,000 donation from the wife of Putin's former finance minister who paid £160,000 for a tennis match with Boris Johnson and £135,000 for a night out with Theresa May. The Conservatives also accepted £1.2 million from Alexander Temerko who worked for the Russian defence ministry and refers to Boris Johnson as a personal friend. Were these people handing money over out of the goodness of their hearts? What were they wanting in return, other than the riveting company of Johnson and May?

Between November 2018 and October 2019, the Tories accepted at least £498,950 from Russian business executives and £350,000 the previous year. Nine of these donors have since been named in the Russia report. There is also the small matter of the Prime Minister's chief adviser Dominic Cummings spending 3 years in Russia between 1994 and 1997.

It would appear there is not a Russian oligarch in London that Boris Johnson is not personal friends with, or receiving donations from. The connections between Russia and the Conservative Party run deep, suggesting Tory involvement in Russian interference could go further than simply turning a blind eye.

We have heard for years of Labour's alleged connections to foreign powers, including Russia, and how these made Jeremy Corbyn "a threat to national security." It would appear we should have been looking in the other direction, and given the UK is a "top target" for Russian interference, one must reasonably ask the question: Has Boris Johnson been compromised?

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Monday, 20 July 2020

Sir Keir Starmer is a Bigger Threat to Socialism than Boris Johnson

For years, centrists have pushed the narrative that socialists can't win a general election, despite the fact centrism lost us Scotland to the SNP and then took us to an all-time low under Ed Miliband, despite the fact Labour's resurgence under Jeremy Corbyn saw the biggest increase in vote share since the leadership of Clement Attlee in 1945 and earned more votes in England than Tony Blair ever did, resulting in a hung parliament which sent shockwaves through the establishment.

After the 2017 GE, the centrists were reeling at the very real possibility of a socialist Prime Minister, knowing a vote of no confidence in the current Prime Minister could see Jeremy Corbyn walk into number 10. So the smears went into overdrive, as did the absurd suggestion that a Labour leader who came within 2000 votes of victory was completely unelectable. The centrists wanted to create a self-fulfilling prophecy and sadly they did.

While Sir Keir Starmer himself remained quiet, the MPs who are his political allies, those who wanted Starmer to become leader more than anything, were making regular TV appearances and telling the world how terrible our current leader was, how unrealistic our much-needed policies were, and how unelectable our party had become. They were gleefully cheered on by the mainstream media who were concocting a new smear campaign every week, telling us Corbyn was everything from a terrorist sympathiser to a communist spy and eventually sticking with antisemite.

In a functioning democracy, the mainstream media are supposed to challenge the government, and opposition politicians are supposed to fight to regain power. But in Britain, the mainstream media attacked the opposition, as did many so-called opposition MPs to ensure the Tories remained in power, maintaining the status quo. This is not democracy.

Every step of the way, Jeremy Corbyn was calm and polite, attempting to appease his detractors and build bridges, but the problem with appeasement is it never works. Political opponents don't want to be appeased by you, they want to destroy you.

So the centrists lined up outside Jeremy Corbyn's office and spent the day taking turns screaming at him to resign, to break the man. They launched an ill-fated leadership contest, even trying to keep Corbyn off the ballot. They pretended their own leader was an antisemite and an enabler of antisemitism within the Labour Party. There were no lengths to which they would not stoop.

It seems absurd that people now offer the "both sides" false equivalence and suggest this was all petty infighting. It never was. It was about a neoliberal fifth column, massively at odds with the party membership on almost every key issue, ruthlessly taking control of the party, purging undesirables and expecting everyone else to fall in line. If you refused to fall in line, you were a troublemaker and would likely be purged yourself. You could then expect to perversely be called a Tory enabler for daring to speak out.

The centrists did not want compromise. They did not want to build bridges. They wanted the complete destruction of socialism. And finally, thanks to their constant smears and their PV policy, they saw their self-fulfilling prophecy through to completion. They made Corbyn's Labour unelectable. They made sure their own party was wiped out. Those same politicians who were visibly distraught by Labour's 2017 GE performance, could not keep their smiles off their faces after the 2019 GE.

Their mission was accomplished: Destroy Corbyn at all costs and bring an end to socialism. 

They got their man Sir Keir Starmer into a leadership position, not through a brilliant and inspiring leadership campaign, but through two key things: firstly Starmer made false promises to unite the party and stick to manifesto pledges, and secondly the left failed to provide an inspiring candidate in Rebecca Long-Bailey. Half the membership did not bother to vote, and that included most who joined because of Jeremy Corbyn, who are now leaving Labour in droves.

The centrists now have their man in charge and to the surprise of no one who is paying attention, Starmer is currently polling 8 points behind the Tories, despite promises of a 20 point lead. Since Starmer became leader we have seen constant praise for the Tories. We have see centrist MPs suggesting the Labour manifesto is an unaffordable wishlist. We have even heard talk of the most critical part of the manifesto, the Green Industrial Revolution (which could save the economy and planet) being watered down. We have seen media publications extremely hostile to socialism cheering Sir Keir Starmer on. We have seen the one socialist member of the shadow cabinet - Rebecca Long-Bailey being purged. We have seen last minute rule changes to the NEC elections to favour centrist candidates. We have seen a reversal of the pledge to increase taxes on the wealthy. We have seen Sir Keir Starmer take conservative positions on almost every major issue, abandoning unions to support reopening the economy during a pandemic and telling us he broadly agrees with the Tories. We have seen Lisa Nandy tell us Starmer would not have revealed Tory plans to sell the NHS to Trump in a post-Brexit trade deal. We have seen Starmer say he has "no truck whatsoever" with Black Lives Matter. Most disgracefully of all, we have seen a leaked report which allegedly implicates Starmer's political allies, people he had reportedly earmarked for promotion.

If Sir Keir Starmer is allowed to become Prime Minister by the Murdoch empire, (which depends on whether Boris Johnson is in Murdoch's favour come the next GE), then we will hear for the next 25 years that "Corbynism" (meaning socialism) is unelectable, and the media will only allow us the choices of Tory and Tory Lite at every general election. This is why we must break the cycle now.

Sir Keir Starmer's job is not to fight for us, but to protect the establishment. The man is a member of the Trilateral Commission for God's sake, and by enabling him, we are simply ensuring the existing power structures which protect the super wealthy at the expense of everyone else remain unchanged. In all likelihood, many of us will not see socialism within our lifetimes unless we act now. Starmer must be defeated.

So how do we do this? Well, firstly this may prove a lost cause, due to the centrists' attacks on party democracy, but the only way back for socialists within Labour would be a left wing NEC slate followed by Open Selection. The party will forever be mired by infighting, purges and self-sabotage, unless the membership are given the option of choosing which candidates will represent them at every general election. It is a disgrace that MPs who wanted Labour to lose in 2019 are still Labour MPs and many may have been promoted while those who fought to win face obscurity.

If the above cannot be achieved, then I'm afraid Labour is a write-off, a lost cause, and the only option would be to vocally deny Labour your support, walk away and look at building a new socialist party. This would be no easy feat of course. Realistically it could only succeed if some of the unions disaffiliated from Labour and got key figures like Jeremy Corbyn on board. I have been told Jeremy Corbyn is extremely reluctant to follow that path because he has given his life to Labour, but the way things are going, we could be looking at a very different situation a year or two down the line. I would not be surprised at all if Corbyn himself was purged from the party. I strongly suspect the days of socialist Labour MPs are numbered and the only ones who will be allowed to remain, will be the ones who fall in line.

Personally I am not willing to vote for conservatives simply because they wear red and kick us less hard than the conservatives who wear blue. I was rock bottom under the last Labour government. I was homeless and unemployed, and I am not prepared to pretend this kind of economics is okay, knowing how people will continue to be marginalised. This was never about the Labour Party to me. It was always about achieving meaningful change. Socialism. And the first step to achieving socialism is stopping knight of the realm Sir Keir Starmer at all costs.

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