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Mini-Wes used to work as a researcher for Mathew Paris, ex-Tory MP, who has just written a glowing puff piece, in his column for whichever right-wing rag he writes, about Mather. I reckon i’m not far wrong in saying that Mather would’ve just as easily become a Tory MP had that opportunity arose first, but in the event there was an opening in the ranks of Starmer’s shit-show first.

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100% on those last two paragraphs in particular. This is exactly the way I feel.

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Fa$cist fake binaries, fake deMockracies Murdochised media RULED Anglowbrow UK/U$A - two clowns, same circus!!

Since 1995, post-John Smith RIP. The unelected Murdochised far-right fake media and unelected Bank$tas make NuLab fake leaders and Brex$hit fake leavers. In July 1995, Murdoch flew Tony and Cherie Blair first-class to Hayman Island, Australia, where the aspiring war criminal spoke about "the need for a new moral purpose in politics", which included the lifting of government regulations on the media. Murdoch shook his hand warmly. The next day the Sun commented: "Mr Blair has vision, he has purpose and he speaks our language on morality and family life." The two are devout Christians, after all.


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Brethren and good neighbors,


The problem with Journalism is the same for people, their Historian's:

“The Laws of a country are necessarily connected with everything belonging to the people of it - so that a thorough knowledge of them, and of their progress, would inform us of everything that was most useful to be known about them - and one of the greatest imperfections of historians in general, is owing to their ignorance of law.” Priestley’s Lect. On Hist. Vol. 1. Page 149.

And remember, in 1960, the U.N. General Assembly, Fifteenth Session (official Records), declared War of White People. Read their 864th Plenary Meeting (opening meeting), Tuesday, 20 September 1960 to affirm what is stated.

Consider, how reality was spun, universally, while alliance awaits in 'Normal Law", your solution:

Many may not wish to read history or face their fraud perpetrated, each have allowed by attorning factors of an ancient tyranny afoot, that has been feeding off, destroying, enslaving and murdering people universally, for 1,700yrs, but consider: our forefathers laid out townships by metes & bounds long ago. These were and remain, the only true unalterable political lines separating any geographical necessity for ascertaining their free Elect-ions and appoint-ment of all public officers, universally.

Sadly, in our country shortly after Virginia & the Americas was overrun by attorning factors of Earth's eastern hemisphere, to take political control via social engineering that lead to precinct districting and constant redistricting of precincts for those beguiled into 'voting'…lol, rather than by elections held within permanent unalterable boundary lines of township, county and country!

You know them as attorneys of the crown (British Accredited Registry - BAR). Virginians, the original name of our forefathers earlier founding of republican form of government of the country 'Virginia'.

These are not those communist subjects of a foreign tyrant, who landed at Plymouth Rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you want to know how both you elsewhere or Virginia (1619) & 'Americas' (1492) have been seduced in your world or reality thereof, look no further than the scam of constantly political changes geographical boundary lines of precincts and/or many elsewise, like rank choice voting, as is forced upon and perpetrated against the good people of the united America & globally, consider: Again, long ago, uncovered an ancient attorning scheme by money-mongers to use religion and jurisdictional Staples via Stile-gates to deceive via social role models most historically are socially engineered to prepare for voluntary slavery none ‘normal’ can discern.

So, if you want to be free, first you must be ‘normal.’ Then, live by ‘Normal Law.”

All other laws (Common [land] Law or Law-Merchant/Maritime Law) is in suzerainty to “Normal Law.”

Creation exists because of “Normal Law.”

Any who seek else-wise, faces oblivion!

The Triple Tiara or 3 Crowns of (money-mongers) popery institutionalized commercial religion or corporate states currently recognize only 'One man' as “Normal” in "Normal Law" upon which all other life must be subjected to, or beguiled into believing such pettifoggery.

Again, the 3 Crowns: 1st & highest Law:

Man's highest and lawful Normal Law (dominion by divine providence and imbued honor for honor).

2nd Law in Suzerainty to “Normal Law”: Common Law (of the land).

3rd & in Suzerainty to “Normal Law”: Maritime Law (Merchant).

For those good people of united America & universally, wishing to live honor for honor via variation by agreement, it is ‘Normal Law” that serves every Joint Tenant in the Sovereignty of Creation.

It is this “normalcy in-law” that all walks of life seeking good will, honor for honor via Nature’s Law & Nature’s (Creator/Creative) Science of Right Reason, are soundly anchored and peacefully landmarked for all seeking safe harbor.

But, never forget that when simple common people/folk are culled in honor for honor in restitution of all things thereon, are the only Saints fearfully and wonderfully made by all-father in image & likeness, for eternal living or worth passing on, for the sake of future generations amply prepared by divine providence, for dominion throughout all-fathers grand eternal expanse.

Some may question why the all-father uses sovereign witnesses to assure what is already known to all-father. Why? All-father does not break his own WORD as proclaimed long ago to Man after Man's own kind, "2 or three Witness and and issue shall be settled" as One might read per Deuteronomy 17:6 & 2 Corinthians 13:1.

Those who refuse Wisdom of Ages must suffer eternally until they accept all-fathers RULE OF LAW....lol HONOR FOR HONOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Both America & all Nations of Earth are given signs that all-father will mercifully allow, that will shock the Conscience of Man to re-consider listening to all-fathers godson and sovereign witness of the good people of united America & eternal Creation.

Should any, having taken notice and failed to correct your political & spiritual chose in action to correct your statecraft of dominion, that all-father accredits Honor for Honor upon all walks of life seeking good will in service of honor above all else, shall be utterly routed by every calamity both imaginable AND unimaginable!!!

You are free to ‘chose in action’ what is "Right & Honorable", but all will be judged Honor for Honor until every farthing is accounted for good!!!!!!!!!! Even if it takes the living by Storm!!!!

If you wish to have proof of all-fathers sovereign witness which 'may' be doubted - when nothing but stiff-necked rebellion of honor is all that has been shown to all fathers sovereign witness fearfully and wonderfully made, in image and likeness, then assuredly, you will be RULED by conscienceless sycophants until you do!!!!

Time is of the essence before your second witness cometh.

Hopefully, your perfection in service of honor for honor will be perfectly suited when all-fathers 3rd sovereign witness affirms in JUDGE-MENT all thereon, eternally forevermore!!!!

If silence is all that is given from this point in your timeline, when all-father yearns for peace to openly hold dialogue, is truly what your desire or demand is, then by your inaction to accept restitution in all things honor for honor, then most assuredly what you will it, it shall be. Nothing but DEATH by DISHONOR!!!

As sovereign witness of the good people of united America & eternal Creation - "I do not ask Thee to take them out of the world, but to keep them from the evil one. They are not of the world, even as I am not of the world. Sanctify them in the truth; Thy word is truth. As Thou didst send me into the, I also have sent them into the world.” John 17:15.

Please forgive any syntax or grammatical errors.

Whatever you will it shall be "Living with Honor" or DEATH by DISHONOR!!!

Be wise, safe and blessed...., while your coin of time remains to rightly chose in action, service in honor for honor above all else, eternally forevermore. Arthur

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I ponder... What if We did not need money to ALL live as richly as We choose...? All these issues would vanish, and no One would starve. And... The psychopaths in control on Our planet would not have the tool that keeps Them in power...

ASSUME NOTHING based on the title of this vid:

Is Money Evil? (14 min): https://odysee.com/@amaterasusolar:8/is-money-evil:9?lid=eeff9e0c80138ce03e22d76bcd5f2f873ff46b72

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Great article. UK politics is in a truly depressing state.

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I live in Selby and I studied PPE at Oxford University, so I'm taking this column personally.

I was one of the 99 people who voted for the 'AI Candidate'. He was promising to use new software technology in an enlightened way to discover the large areas of consensus that exist between people. It asks them questions, then further questions, until that common ground (if it exists, which it usually does) emerges.

We are not all sociopaths. Only the ones who were not immediately sickened by the state of Oxford student politics.

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A few months ago, I was hoping the Labour Party would ride in on a white horse and save the English…I hoped Keir Straddle would melt into a real human and be kind and truly thoughtful. Silly me.

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With you all the way.

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Brethren & good neighbors,

Ancient of days culls all in service of honor for honor with an eternal pouring forth of grace - culling an elect in divine providence, entailed with eternal dominion unalienable by WORD proclaiming cosmic clearance, for unsealing an eternal sovereign witness fearfully and wonderfully made godson in all-fathers image and likeness, honor for honor eternal forevermore.

Come, let us pass............., in your arrogance mine enemy, know all-fathers dominion of good honor for honor, for thy dishonor, not eternal forevermore! As foretold, lest any sooth ignorantly elsewise, all-fathers sovereign witness seeking good will with all walks all walks of life, living eternal, naught worth a FARTHING without prejudice honor for honor, eternal forevermore!

All-father enough, please! Mine family & good neighbors, mine enemy, thinks destroyed!!!

Enough is enough!!!! Let thy four corners lose, that binds merciful JUDGE-MENT.

Why all-father? I AM WHO AM by thy divine providence in sovereign witness.

Who can withstand!!!!!!!!!!!



Answer....., mine enemy (UNIVERSALLY - MAN"S DISHONOR) was given a quarter century to settle honor for honor our grace serving what is anchored BY DIVINE PROVIDENCE - HONOR FOR HONOR!

Allthewhile, pouring forth gracefully, an eternal anointed spirit of Wisdom for their (U.N.) edification and ventures toward re-oxygenating by 25% while filter cleaning Oceania, of what is commonly referred to as plastic. This was brought forth via "Normal Law" pure trust with patent holder (multiple & by agreement as archivist trustee. This was an undertaking for Man's stewardship of an eternal expanse of earth, universally.

But now, for their dishonor (CIA - SWISS INTEL & GUARD of these ancient money-mongers, now being torn asunder for their blatant disregard for all-fathers godsons & goddaughters equal, eternal dominion via variation by agreement of Nature's Law & Nature's (Creator/Creative) Science of Right Reason honor for honor by, for & with eternal dominion throughout all-fathers eternal grand expanse. In full-fill-ment, of all fathers grand commission of, by & for plenishfully-ment eternal Creation, eternal forevermore.

Remember brethren elsewise, found wanting....lol. And this is divine providence breathing moral ket to eternal service in honor above all else, forevermore.........., learning to live with yourself, eternally....

May your second witness not find Man after man's own kind, less the all-fathers perfect good in service of honor above all else, eternal forevermore.

Be wise, safe & blessed,


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Wow, you are so negative about Labour. No one is perfect, and to use power you must win it first.

I am not interested in reading your nasty complaints any more. Bye!

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